Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide


Bathroom accessories are designed to bring you practical and stylish solutions that help complete your bathroom design and functionality. Whether you need them to improve your storage space, add a little character, or make your daily life easier, there is a wide range of accessories available to choose from to suit any bathroom interior.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to talk through everything from somewhere to hang your towel to handy shower and bath storage!

Accessory sets


Certain accessories should not go amiss in your bathroom, as they give you practical solutions that can also add a whole load of personality and style. You can pick and choose which of these accessories you’d like, or alternatively, you can purchase accessory sets to keep the aesthetic consistent in your bathroom (and even save a bit of money compared to buying them separately)

Keep reading to find out the key bathroom accessories…

Toilet roll holder


Toilet roll holders have been designed to do exactly that -hold your toilet roll! They give you a place to neatly keep your toilet roll so you don’t have to leave it on the floor or take up important space on your basin edge. The only question left to ask to ask is… do you like your toilet paper to hang over or under the roll?!

Toilet brushes


Toilet brushes are paramount to have in your bathroom as they are great for assisting in deep cleaning your toilet, whilst being stored in a stylish holder which can be sat neatly next to your toilet.

Towel rings and rails


If you’re fed up with having towels laying around in the way, then you need a towel ring or towel rail to solve your despair! These are designed to be installed on your bathroom wall to give you a dedicated place to hang your towel without taking up important floor space.

Robe hooks


There’s nothing better than feeling snug and cozy in a dressing gown/robe, so why not give yourself a place to hang it neatly rather than having to hook it over the door where it gets in the way. Robe hooks are small but incredibly practical and can be installed on your wall or even hooked over the back of your bathroom door!

Soap dishes and dispensers


Whether you like to use bar soap or liquid soap, there are both dishes and dispensers on the market to keep your soap off your basin edge and stored in a stylish accessory. Perfect to sit on your basin edge or furniture unit, soap dishes and soap dispensers are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour with many patterns, colours and designs to choose from.



Bathroom tumblers are a great place to keep your toothbrushes, toothpaste, or simply a handy cup you can use for rinsing after brushing your teeth! Generally, they sit in a wall-mounted holder, or you can buy standalone tumblers that sit on your basin edge.

Bathroom bins


Bathroom bins are one of the most often overlooked but important bathroom accessories. They are a smaller size than standard household bins so they don’t take up too much space, making them perfect for family bathrooms and ensuites!

Create contrast with black accessories


Black bathroom features are becoming more and more popular, with black basins, mirrors, and shower enclosures dominating the market and creating an incredibly stylish aesthetic. A great way to introduce black features into your bathroom is with accessories!

Create a feature with a set of contemporary black accessories, they contrast beautifully against white glossy tiles and sanitaryware and add a stylish edge to your bathroom design.

Shower caddies


Storage is a key factor in any bathroom, and with the average UK bathroom being only 4.4m2, you may not have the available floor space for a storage unit. That’s where shower caddies come in! There’s nothing worse than having shampoo and body wash bottles scattered everywhere, which is why caddies have been designed to be placed within your shower enclosure to store your bottles and keep them close at hand.

There are multiple types to choose from, even with non-drill options where they are designed to hook over your shower bar or shower screen. If you’re happy to install a wall-mounted caddy, then there are single or multiple tiers, and even corner designs to utilise wasted space!

Bath racks


Bath racks are a fantastic accessory for your bath, as it gives you a dedicated shelf that is literally placed across the middle of your bath where you can keep your sponges (and even glass of wine) close at hand when you're enjoying a relaxing bubble bath. They don’t need installing or fitting, as they're designed to simply be sat on your bath edges.

Though bear in mind, bath racks tend to come in standard bath sizes (width of 700mm,750mm,800mm), so if your bath is slightly larger or you have a corner bath, then a shower caddy may be a better option for storage.

Toilet seats


Believe it or not, your toilet seat is a very important accessory! They come in many different designs and styles, even with clever soft close hinges to prevent loud bangs and trapped fingers. Keep it classic by choosing a standard white finish seat to blend in and match your sanitaryware, or alternatively choose a coloured toilet seat to add a bit of personality!

Bath panels


Bath panels are a great way of adding further aesthetics to your bathroom design, as they come in a range of different decorative styles and colours other than just the standard white finish.

Choose from rustic wood, gloss greys, classic panelled designs and even storage panels to turn your bath into a stylish feature!

Heated towel rails


Heated towel rails are incredibly practical as not only do they keep your bathroom toasty and warm in the colder months, but they’re also a great place to hang and dry your towels too! You can get heated towel rails in both contemporary and traditional designs, making them an excellent addition to any bathroom interior.

To make it easier, you can get heated towel rails that are either installed into your central heating, your mains electric, or both! Some models also enable you to keep the heat low enough in the summer months that it doesn't warm up your bathroom, but warm enough to dry your towels!

Shower curtains


Shower curtains are a fun way to bring a splash of colour and pattern into your bathroom without having to break the bank! Shower curtains provide your bathroom protection from water when using your shower, keeping your floor dry and slip-free from the potential splash back.



A good-quality bathroom mirror is arguably one of the most important accessories you can add to a small room. Whether you opt for a large focal type to reflect light, a mirrored cabinet to add some helpful extra storage or a small vanity mirror to keep you looking your best – it’s still a necessity.

You can also go to the next level and choose a mirror that features LED lighting and even Bluetooth connectivity, providing you with extra light for your bathroom and a clever function to connect your phone so you can play your favourite playlist when you’re in the shower!

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