DIY Home Improvements


Improving your home without a plumber, builder or electrician can be easier than you think. There are plenty of simple DIY hacks you can do by yourself, even if you’re a novice!

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance or glamour to your home or add some clever accessories to your bathroom, there’s plenty you can do without getting in the trades.

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Mirrors are a wonderful way of adding a touch of class to your home and can be fitted quickly and easily. In most cases, a simple hook and screw are all you need to get your mirror secured safely in place. Some mirrors, however, depending on their size and weight can even be attached to the wall with an adhesive hook – no need for a drill!

However, if your mirror comes with fitting instructions or weight warnings then make sure to work to these. The last thing you want is your beautiful new mirror to fall off the wall and smash. Who really wants 7 years bad luck?

Bathroom accessories


Bathroom accessories are a quick and, in most cases, cheap way of adding a new spin to your bathroom.

Toilet roll holders, tumblers, bath mats, shower caddies, laundry baskets, bins, towel rails, and robe hooks - are just a few of the accessories you could add to your bathroom.

With plenty of options for bathroom accessories and some that don’t even involve screws or a drill, you can have your bathroom looking brand new in no time. It’s surprising what a change or addition of accessories can do.

Add colour with bathroom accessories


Bathroom accessories are also the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. From beautiful gold and black towel rings and robe hooks to bright yellow bath mats there’s a colourful bathroom accessory for every bathroom design.



Furniture is not only ideal for increasing storage space in your bathroom but also perfect for adding a touch of colour or simply refreshing the feel of the room.

The most common type of bathroom cabinet is a mirror cabinet, not only perfect for storing all your toiletries and cosmetics but helping you to see while applying your make-up or shaving too.

Tall cabinets are also available in a variety of finishes from classic white to modern grey and even wood effect.

Installation and fitting of cabinets can be as simple as placing them in the desired space for a pre-assembled item, to making a flat-pack up or fixing to the wall if you have chosen a wall fixed cabinet or mirror cabinet. If instructions are followed then all of these options can be done even by a DIY novice, however, some options will take longer than others. If you’re willing to take the time and learn then you’ll have no problems installing a new cabinet in no time!



Taps – whether they’re for the bathroom or kitchen, they can create a whole new spin on the room, even if you change nothing else. With beautiful gold, copper, and black options for both the bathroom and kitchen, as well as classic chrome you’re guaranteed to find a beautiful new tap, that’s perfect for your home!

With the right tools and instructions, fitting a tap can be pretty straightforward as long as you remember the most important thing is to turn off your water supply before you remove or fit any tap in your home. The last thing you want is a flooded house!

However, if you haven’t taken on a DIY task like this before then make sure to follow any instructions that come with your new tap, and don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you feel unsure.

For more details read our post on how to fit taps.

Bath screens


If you currently have a shower curtain but find it’s no longer practical, or you feel your bathroom needs a more sophisticated touch, then a bath screen would be the perfect addition. Helping to prevent water from damaging other items in your bathroom when showering, bath screens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles allowing you to choose the best fit for your bathroom.

Take note - Before drilling into any bathroom wall you should always check for wires and pipes and this is particularly important when installing a bath screen due to its proximity to your shower.

Toilet seats


Toilet seats are perhaps one of the easiest bathroom fittings to replace for a DIY novice and can also be a quick way of sprucing up your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a classic white seat or something a bit more out there, the main thing you need to consider before purchasing, is the shape of your toilet, as this will determine the type of toilet seat that you need.

The most common toilet styles are round, D shape, and square and can only be fitted to the corresponding toilet shape. Once you have the correct shape toilet seat then fitting can be accomplished in minutes.

To find out more read our post on how to replace a toilet seat.

Bath panels


A new bath panel is a wonderful way of refreshing your bathroom. Available in a variety of colours and styles from wood effect panels to stylish contemporary grey finishes, bath panels are simple to fit no matter your DIY experience.

If you’re looking to add more storage in your bathroom as well as a new bath panel, then a bath storage panel is a wonderful option to consider. Featuring sliding or hinged doors, with a lock, a storage bath panel allows you to store items out of sight between your bath and the panel itself.

If you’re simply replacing an existing bath panel, it’s likely you’ll already have all the battens in place that you need, and could be a case of simply fixing your new panel to these. However, if you are starting a fresh and fitting a bath panel around your bath for the first time, then fitting your panel will require some extra effort, including fitting batons for your panel to sit on.

To find out more read our post on how to fit a bath panel.

Radiator Covers


Radiator covers are a great way of instantly adding a new feel or touch to any room in your home. Available in a variety of styles and colours from, classic white to the more contemporary anthracite or grey options. Radiator covers are not only amazing for covering unsightly old radiators but also for creating a barrier between your radiator, helping to prevent anyone from burning themselves, making them especially useful in family homes.

Fitting a radiator cover is a simple job, even if they come flat-pack and not pre-assembled. Flat-pack radiator covers simply need each part screwed together. Some are even freestanding meaning they don’t need screwing to the wall. However, you should be careful placing anything on top of a freestanding radiator cover, especially valuables.

If you are concerned about freestanding radiator covers then you can go for a more secure wall-fixed option, especially useful for family homes. These will simply have a bracket attached that will need to be screwed into your wall.

Please note – If you become unsure at any point when installing any of the above items please contact a professional.

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