The True Cost of a Leak in the Bathroom

Cost of a bathroom leak

Efficient plumbing is one of those things that we take for granted until it goes wrong. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have a leak in the bathroom you’ll know just how much mess and disruption it can cause. However, the true cost of a leak in the bathroom might be a lot more than you might think.

Read on to find out how much it will cost to fix a bathroom leak...

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Bathroom Leak?

Is a Bathroom Leak Covered by Insurance?

The first big shock for many homeowners is that they may not be fully covered on their home insurance policies as they might have thought. Water leaking is one of the most common things people will try to claim for on their home insurance policies, and as the damage can be extensive, the sums involved can be considerable. However, insurance companies have the tendency to wriggle out of paying wherever they can, and there have been many cases of damage caused by leaking pipes down to “wear and tear” rather than some other sort of emergency. If your leak has been caused by you failing to replace sealant around the side of the bath tub, or not taking precautions to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter, your insurance company might not pay out on your claim.

Read your policy carefully, make sure you are aware of what you are covered for and what the exclusions are, and if you are not happy with the level of cover offered, shop around for a better deal when it’s time to renew. If you’re not covered for water damage caused by flooding, look into the new government scheme which aims to keep costs to a manageable level.

How Much Does a Plumber Cost Per Hour in the UK?

The first thing we do when there’s water dripping through the ceiling from a leak in the bathroom is to call the plumber. If you haven’t got home emergency cover on your contents insurance policy, expect to pay both a call out fee and an hourly rate. If your bathroom springs a leak during office hours, the average hourly rate starts from around £45, with a call out fee of about the same. If you call the plumber out of his bed at 3am on Christmas Day, you can expect a much steeper bill.

Don’t panic in an emergency situation and always clarify the charges upfront. Have the minimum done to stop any further damage, and then ask the plumber to come back during normal working hours to finish the repair.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Water Damage?

Costs from water damage to your property after a leak in the bathroom will vary hugely depending on how extensive the leak has been, and what has been damaged. If your leak has brought down the ceiling in the room below, you can expect to end up will a bill for thousands when you tot up the prices for replacing a ceiling, replastering, decorating, replacing bathroom furniture and flooring and any other possessions which have been soaked. In most cases this will be covered by insurance, and if the damage is so bad that you have to move out of your home, alternative accommodation is usually paid for too.

If you do notice something has sprung a leak, start moving things out of the path of the water while you are waiting for the plumber to arrive; the more things you can save from being soaked, the less you will have to replace in the long run.

Minimising Costs from Bathroom Leaks

Never stick your head in the sand when it comes to plumbing and potential leaks. Always attend to small plumbing problems before they become major problems, and this will save you a fortune in the long run. Never ignore dripping taps or a damp smell in the bathroom, and when winter approaches, make sure all of the pipes are properly lagged to minimise the risk of them freezing and bursting when the weather turns frosty. Know where your main stop cock is and more importantly, know how to turn it off when you need to. In most houses, the stop cock is either located under the kitchen sink, or close to the front door. As soon as you notice the leak, turn the stop cock off which will stop the flow of water and prevent things getting worse.

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