How to Clean Chrome Taps

Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen taps is one of those household tasks that you always find yourself putting off. However, when you tackle them regularly, cleaning your chrome taps really can be a doddle.

Regularly wipe taps

Over time, chrome taps can easily build up a layer of dirt, grime, and even limescale but if you keep on top of regular cleaning then you can help to prevent this. Simply wipe down regularly with a microfibre cloth. You don’t want to use anything rough as this could scratch the tap.

Warm soapy water or washing up liquid

As with many things, warm soapy water is a quick and cost-effective way of cleaning your chrome taps. Mix some warm water and a small amount of soap or washing-up liquid in your sink or basin, use this mixture to wet a soft cloth, and wipe over your taps.

Baby oil

Baby oil is a great way to keep your chrome taps shiny and streak free. Put a small amount of baby oil on a microfibre cloth and wipe over your taps until they are sparkling. This is great as a mid-week alternative to cleaning your taps or as a follow-up to a full tap clean.


A handy household solution, perfect for all matter of cleaning tasks. Vinegar is a perfect natural cleaning method if your chrome taps are highly stained or watermarked, due to the acidity in the vinegar. However, we wouldn’t recommend using vinegar on taps that aren’t stained or used too often as the acidity could strip the tap of its protective coating.

When using vinegar, make sure to dilute the solution first with equal parts vinegar to the water. For convenience, using a spray bottle is the best way to ensure the fullest coverage and the least excess solution. Spray a small amount of the solution either directly onto the tap or onto a soft microfibre cloth. Wipe over with the cloth until your taps are sparkling clean.

Lemon juice

Similarly to vinegar, lemon is also a great household item to use when cleaning chrome taps due to its acidity levels. However, you should be careful not to use a lemon cleaning solution on your chrome taps too often as it can strip away the tap's protective coating, with repeated use.

To use lemon juice as a cleaning solution for your chrome taps, first, dilute with equal parts water to lemon juice. You can either wet a soft cloth using the mix or use a spray bottle to direct the liquid directly onto the taps. Wipe over with your soft cloth and use a toothbrush to scrub away a build-up of grime or limescale.


Using a toothbrush with any of the cleaning solutions mentioned above is a great idea, particularly on taps with a build-up of grime and limescale. A toothbrush allows you to get into those hard-to-reach cracks and crevices you might otherwise miss, keeping your taps looking as good as new for much longer.

Steam cleaner

A handy new cleaning appliance is the steam cleaner. You might have seen steamers used to remove creases on clothes and other materials, but did you know steam is also a great option for cleaning chrome taps. You can get steamers for as little as £20 and they are useful for cleaning your taps and other items, such as floors, curtains, toilets, and car seats.

Steam cleaners can be particularly useful for loosening any hard limescale you may have on your taps. Once you’ve used a steam cleaner on your taps you will need to give them a quick wipe-over with a soft microfibre cloth to prevent any streak marks.

Please note these cleaning methods aren’t always suitable for every tap finish so be careful when using these methods on matt and coloured taps. Always test solutions on a small area first.

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