Corner Toilet Buying Guide


If you’re looking for a space-saving toilet solution for a small bathroom then a small toilet is a great option. Whether you have an awkward space or simply need to compromise on something to make your bathroom functional, a corner toilet might be the one for you. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a corner toilet?


As it says in the name, this type of toilet is designed to fit in the corners of a bathroom. With a special triangular-shaped cistern, corner toilets fit perfectly into what can otherwise be a completely unused space in a bathroom.

Benefits of a corner toilet

Corner toilets might be particularly useful in small bathrooms with radiators or heated towel rails as these can take up a lot of wall space. For example, if you have a radiator positioned underneath a bathroom or cloakroom window this is likely to take up wall space that could otherwise have been used for your toilet.

Of course, without removing radiators and heated towel rails and installing underfloor heating, these items are always going to be necessary in a bathroom, so compromises will need to be made.

Another factor to consider when fitting out a small bathroom and deciding where to position your toilet is the bathroom door. If this opens inwards it’s unlikely that you will be able to position a toilet or other bathroom fittings behind this, limiting space in a small bathroom further.

However, as a corner toilet tends not to protrude as much as a standard close-coupled toilet, you might be able to fit this in the space behind a bathroom door.

Negatives of a corner toilet

If you’re looking for a toilet that looks aesthetically pleasing, then a corner toilet might not fit those expectations. There are, however, other options available for smaller spaces if a corner toilet isn’t for you, such as wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets. These styles, however, can be more difficult to install.

While corner toilets might be a wonderful option for some smaller bathrooms, ensuites, and cloakrooms they can also be a hindrance in other spaces. Depending on the angles in the room and your other bathroom fittings, a corner toilet can in some cases get in the way of access to items such as vanity units and basins.

If you’re fitting a corner toilet into a pre-existing bathroom then pipework will need to be taken into consideration. Will the existing pipework need to be moved to accommodate a corner toilet? If you are unsure, this is something we advise checking with a fully qualified plumber.

Types of corner toilet


Corner toilets are available in a variety of options, similar to standard close-coupled toilets. For example, you can still find a corner toilet with a luxurious soft close toilet seat as well as dual flush options and different shaped seats, from a D shape toilet seat to square to oval options too.

Other corner fixtures for small bathrooms


If you’re looking to fit out your whole bathroom in corner fittings to match your new corner toilet, then corner basins, corner vanity units, and corner cabinets are also wonderful options. Similarly, to corner toilets these fittings are for installation in the corner of a room, making them ideal for smaller and awkward spaces.

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