Corner Baths Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a new bath but fancy something a bit different, why not consider a corner bath? Corner baths are perfect for any bathroom, small or large, especially bathrooms of a shorter length.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the different sizes and styles of corner baths and accessories such as taps and shower screens.


Corner baths come in a variety of styles, from fitted baths with bath panels to gorgeous freestanding corner baths. Keep reading to find out more.

Freestanding corner baths

If you have your heart set on a corner bath, but your bathroom is lacking in space, then a freestanding corner bath might just be the solution. With the same gorgeous styling as a standard freestanding bath and the practicality of a corner bath you really can't go wrong.

J- shape corner baths

J-shaped corner baths are similar to standard straight baths, however, instead of a sharp right angle at the corner of the bath, they feature a smooth curved edge, meaning they jut out slightly less and give a much nicer curved bath appeal.

Another plus with a J-shape corner bath is the benefit of being able to add a shower screen, making them perfect for creating a shower bath. Shower baths are perfect for bathrooms that don’t have enough space for both a separate bath and shower enclosure.

Shower bath screens come in a range of styles and sizes, so making sure you have the right size screen for your J-shape corner bath is essential. The last thing you want is a screen that doesn’t fit!

Standard corner bath

Standard corner baths are much like standard straight baths, except for the change of shape. Instead of a long thin bath, you get a shorter wider bath. Perfect for a soak, but perhaps not ideal if you’re over 6ft tall and want to stretch out in your bath.

Space saving solution

If you have a small or awkward-sized bathroom and can’t live without a bath, then a corner bath may be your only option. Available in a range of sizes from 1500mm to 1700mm in length, you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for your bathroom.

One thing to consider is whether you need a left- or right-handed bath. Deciding which option, you need can be confusing but if you stick to the following recommendation then you should be ok!

We recommend that you imagine standing at the foot of the bath, looking down towards the larger or wider area. The widest area will be on one side and will define which hand you need. So, if the wall is on your right and the wider section left, you need a left-hand bath. The opposite applies if the wider section is on the right.

As corner baths are generally shorter in length, they can free up much-needed space in your bathroom for bathroom furniture or even a separate shower enclosure.

Corner baths can be great for adding a standout feature to your bathroom, with the ability to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Especially when paired with a beautiful tap.

Keep reading to find out the types of taps, perfect for fitting with a corner bath.

Bath taps

Making a true feature out of a corner bath is all in the type of taps you use. Now, each style of corner bath is likely to need a different type of tap. Keep reading to find out about the different types of taps compatible with corner baths.

Freestanding taps

Freestanding bath taps or bath shower mixers are the perfect fit for a freestanding corner bath, creating an elegant timeless design.

Wall mounted taps

Wall-mounted bath taps are perfect for any corner bath without tap holes, helping to create a stylish contemporary feel. What’s more, there are also a variety of wall-mounted bath shower mixer taps to choose from, making your bath a more versatile space.

Deck mounted taps

The classic deck-mounted tap is perfect for corner baths that feature tap holes. Available in various styles and colours, from classic chrome to modern black or elegant brushed gold, you’re guaranteed to find a style to suit your bathroom.

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