How to add colour to your bathroom redesign

When it comes to adding colour to a bathroom, you’d be forgiven if your mind automatically went to the avocado-coloured suites of yesteryear. The truth is, white goods have dominated modern bathroom designs for the past 30 years due to the versatility and sophistication that this bright and neutral shade gives in abundance - but colour is making a comeback.

Often found to be too intimidating, adding colour doesn’t need to be as scary as it sounds, with plenty of budget and temporary solutions, for those who may be renting, and for those who want to test the waters before committing to a larger renovation project.

If you’d like to add some colour into your bathroom, here are 8 ideas from Karen Clough from the award winning Well I Guess This is Growing Up website to help you pump up the saturation in your home.

Paint the tub

Colourful baths have steadily been growing in popularity over the past 5 years and make for a powerful statement feature for any bathroom. Whilst pre-treated coloured baths are more common in cast iron versions, the paint market is now more sophisticated than ever, with primers now available which allow enamel baths to receive a makeover in the colour of your choice - perfect if you are considering a cost-effective DIY option.

Choose a bespoke shower screen

Crittall-style shower enclosures have almost doubled in demand since mid-2018, and this black-grid trend provides a modern take on the traditional shower. As designers look to new ways of personalisation, a number of manufacturers now offer shower screen structures in the colour of your choice for a truly bespoke room.

Consider a ‘Bathroom in a Box’

Not literally in a box, this concept involves imagining everything you could add to your bathroom which would make it your own - and then collect those items in one colour. Think soft furnishings such as a bath mat, towel collections, toothbrush holders or shower curtain. This is the quickest way to turn a traditional white bathroom suite into a riot of mono-colour. As you can simply swap your box of goodies away as trends or circumstances dictate, this is a great option for renters as well as those who like to decorate little and often.

Paint the ceiling

Aside from the bedroom, there is no other room at home where the ceiling truly matters. Not only is this ‘fifth wall’ in your bathroom likely to be the largest ‘open’ space in the room, it can also take centre stage if you’re soaking in the tub - so it might as well be nice to look at! If you're looking to experiment with a bold colour choice, the ceiling is a great place to start.

Don’t overlook wallpaper

Wallpaper has long been neglected in rooms where they’re likely to come into contact with water, but times have changed. Our passion to personalise our homes has seen wallpaper re-introduced in bathrooms this past decade, as a way of adding drama and fun to an otherwise uncelebrated space. Many paper brands now offer water-resistant versions of their top collections, but if your desired roll doesn’t come in a bathroom-safe finish, coat your wallpapered walls in a clear varnish to protect it from peeling or moving with the moisture of the room.

Update your tiles

Elaborately shaped tiles are a fantastic way to make a bathroom sparkle, with curved and patterned tiles a trend showing no sign of slowing down  Choosing a variety of textures and layouts can add intrigue to a single-coloured bathroom giving the effect of more colour than there really is. However, if you’d like to swap your tiles but are unable to do so due to renting or budgetary reasons, consider tile stickers instead. Easy to remove when needed and transformative in as little as 10 minutes.

Introduce natural elements

Traditional white suites can sometimes feel sterile without offsetting the stark white but selecting a variety of materials around the space can help to introduce a wider palette of colour without having to go too bold. Wooden panels on the wall or upcycled sideboards as a vanity unit can help soften the harshness of any bathroom aesthetic whilst adding colour in an understated way. And don’t forget, if you want to bring nature inside, the quickest way to do that is to add plants. Not only will it add a luxe-green to your scheme, but the humid atmosphere in bathrooms means plant care can be minimal.

Don’t neglect artwork

Due to the steamy atmosphere of many home bathrooms, the decorative finishes so proudly displayed in other areas of the home, may be forgotten when it comes to the family loo. Artwork can be a low-cost and incredibly fast way to add not just much needed colour to an otherwise monotoned room, but it can help you add your own personal touch. Ensure your pieces are framed with a seal if you’re concerned about water damage.

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