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Design Inspiration: Autumn colours for your Bathroom

Autumn is here in full swing, even if the weather doesn’t always show it, so if you’re thinking of an easy bathroom makeover, what is the autumn inspiration?

There’s plenty you can do to bring an autumnal feel to your bathroom, from paint or tiles and wall panels to taps and baths. You don’t have to spend a fortune to freshen up your bathroom, but a little will go a long way. But what can you do?

Well, Plumbworld is here to explain some key changes you can make to your bathroom decor so it fits the autumnal trend. We’ll discuss the classic colours as well as new design ideas you can try along with bathroom fittings to match an autumn colour scheme.

Read on to find out more about autumn colours to transform your bathroom…

What are autumn colours?

what are autumn colours?

When we say “autumn colours”, these are natural colours that are darker, unlike the often brighter tones of spring and summer.

They combine natural, earthy tones with brighter colours similar to what you see as the leaves change from green to shades of red, oranges and yellows. You want to stay clear of bright and bold patterns and go for a more minimalist style. 

Autumn colours are all about creating an organic feel by choosing earthy tones, such as browns, rustic greens, beige or creams and greys for the main area. Darker, duskier tones of more vibrant colours, such as purple or red also work well. You can then splash in touches of orange and yellow, subtly.

Walls & Floors

autumn bathroom walls and floors

When it comes to the walls and floors of your bathroom, there’s no easier place to start for adding an autumnal feel.

While it may appear an obvious choice for autumnal colours, marble is an ideal base for your decor overhaul. Its natural appearance will work well with contrasting colours and fittings, such as brass and bronze. You can even get marble-effect wallpaper for your bathroom to add a natural contemporary look.

While you can also get marble with unusual earthy tones in it, an alternative colour that’s incredibly popular is travertine. For a warmer, earth tone, shun white marble in favour of natural stone in hues like travertine and limestone. Perfect for wall panels and floors a warm travertine colour will get your autumn transformation going.

Finally, another colour to try on your walls is powdered earth tones, which you can find on our wall panels. From flat colours to dusky-coloured wood, these combine contemporary touches with natural effects, such as Esher Linewood. These are a great half-way point if you don’t want to go too dark while keeping a natural look.

Tip: These tones are also ideal for recreating a home spa appearance and helping you to relax


bronze and gold taps

While taps may only seem to come in chrome, black or white enamel options, there is another that will work perfectly for an autumnal, natural makeover - bronze.

Bronze and brass capture the autumnal trend perfectly, balancing that crisp orange and yellow of leaves turning colour. An alternative colour that does the same job is rose gold. These colours work perfectly with marble and travertine as well as natural tones on your wall, floors and furniture.

These taps will contrast perfectly with powdered, duskier tones while working with natural-inspired fixtures, such as counter top basins. Besides consisting of the colours you associate with autumn, brass and bronze taps also bring a luxury touch to your bathroom.

Tip: To continue the trend and look, you could even match your plug to the same colour as your taps


autumn inspired baths

Similar to taps, baths may not look like an obvious way of helping to make your bathroom appear autumnal, but there are some ways you can.

This is all about freestanding baths, and two types in particular. When it comes to fixtures in your bathroom looking more natural, curves are the way to go, no sharp clean lines. Contemporary curved freestanding baths as well as traditional or roll-top baths. Set against natural tones and autumnal hues, a curved freestanding bath matches perfectly.

For the traditional approach, there are a number of choices. Brass and gold baths, like with the taps above, achieve the job on its own by matching the yellows and oranges of autumn. Another option, however, is a cast-iron roll-top bath. Did you know you can paint these stunning baths? You could go for darker shades, such as plum or try earthier tones.

Basins & Furniture

counter top basins for autumn

Similar to baths, basins can look natural and at home among earthier tones through one beautiful design, counter top basins.

Perfectly combining the curves to look a natural design and even a fit in your favourite spa, counter top basins can also come in a range of colours to fit an autumnal decor. You can find them in powdered tones as well as natural stone effects. As we’ve said, autumn colours are all about earthier hues, so look for beige, browns and stone-looking basins.

For your furniture and vanity units, wood is best when looking to transform your decor for a couple of reasons. First, you can buy them in ideal colours, such as off-white or stone tones, to be pre-prepared for an overhaul. Alternatively, buying wood bathroom furniture gives you the chance to customise it yourself with, again, earth tones or dusky colours.


autumn bathroom accessories

Finally, your accessories can help complete an autumn bathroom makeover, from mirrors to the storage of your towels, for example.

This is where the brass and natural materials continue. For your mirrors, go for a frame that is in a bronze or brass colour for a metallic autumnal touch. This also adds subtle glamour, as an accent, that stuns against natural stone. You could also try a natural wood frame to complement the natural tones of your bathroom.

When it comes to storing towels or toiletries, open shelves in either dusky earth tones or natural wood finishes will continue the autumn vibe perfectly. This is all about removing clinical white touches for warm textures. Whether that be natural materials, such as stone or wood, this about creating a warm neutral scheme for avoiding a cold feeling in your design.

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