country and cottage style bathroom decor

Design Inspiration: Country & Cottage Style Bathrooms

If you live in an older property or want a break from a traditionally-styled bathroom, a country or cottage design could be just what you’re looking for.

You could claim that the country style is similar to a traditional bathroom, indeed they may share some features, but country and cottage bathrooms are much more rustic. But how do you make your bathroom look like a country cottage? Where do you begin?

Well, Plumbworld is here to help you create the country style in your bathroom. From basins and cabinets to taps and baths, we’ve picked out the signature pieces to overhaul your bathroom to nail the quaint cottage look at home.

Read on to find out how to create a country and cottage-style bathroom…


country bathroom walls

What do you often see when it comes to walls in rustic, country-style bathrooms? Besides some wood as part of the structure, not much - they can be fairly minimalist.

So, this is one of the easier bits to recreate and bring into your bathroom. You could go down potential routes - minimalist paint or have one wall covered in wood-effect wall panels. If you choose to paint the walls, keep to light tones or pastel colours but whites and creams are standard colours.

wood effect wall panels

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If you want to add wall panels for some modern-day wood panelling, we have a wide collection of bathroom wall panels for you to choose from. The oak-effect panels would really bring the cottage and country feel into your new design.


cottage bathroom flooring

Much like your walls, this is a little trickier as not all homes will have or even can have wood flooring in a bathroom.

Yes, you could have vinyl flooring that will look like wood panelling, but it is more likely that you will have floor tiles. If that’s the case, you can still have plenty of design choices, from plain white tiles to contrast with wood furniture to a checkerboard effect of white and dark tones.

An alternative option is to go for brown bathroom floor tiles that can then be laid down to mimic wood panel flooring, only being much more robust and able to have, for example, underfloor heating installed underneath.


winchester bathroom taps

When it comes to country and cottage-inspired bathroom taps, think of them as a little touch of elegance for your bathroom project.

For basin taps, the choice of either cross-head or lever handles works with any sink design and their ceramic touches look back to period styles. You can choose from Oxford cross-heads or Winchester lever handles for a modern take on Georgian styling.

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Free-standing and slipper bath taps can include a shower. These taps will typically sit in the middle of the bath but can be located at the end. Their ceramic details add a traditional touch for your cottage bathroom space.


traditional pedestal basin

When it comes to basins for your country bathroom design, you can go with the classic pedestal basin or have it as part of a vanity unit.

Simple and classical, pedestal bathroom basins remain popular despite the trend towards more contemporary styles. These traditional basins feature period design details with a single tap hole or a double tap hole, perfect for a cottage look.

The alternative option, and one that looks much more rustic thanks to the use of wood, is to combine your basin with a vanity cabinet. Vanity units come in a range of styles, so traditional and Bayswater are your best choices to get the rustic country look, thanks to their wood-grained textured finish and raised panelling.


country style bathroom furniture

As we’ve mentioned with the vanity units, a rustic bathroom look is all about wooden furniture and cabinets.

So, always look for traditional bathroom furniture with raised panelling. Now, these will be available in colours already, but because it’s wood, there’s no reason why you can’t paint over it or sand the surface down and start over to match your new rustic bathroom decor.

Wooden bathroom furniture is available in a number of finishes with ample traditional detailing. They look great paired with various styles or colours and stand particularly proud next to something exquisite, like a roll-top bath.


traditional free-standing baths

When it comes to choosing the right bath for your rustic cottage bathroom design, your choice is a traditional free-standing bath.

Free-standing baths are often the centre-point of a bathroom and the same goes for traditional free-standing baths. A double-ended traditional free-standing bath is ideal for a country look, even more so if you can paint the main body to match your rustic decor.

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painted free-standing bath

You could use a more standard single-ended square bath that features a bath panel that you could then repaint yourself to be more rustic. Alternatively, you may even want to buy a panel that matches the cottage-style look you’re going for.


cottage bathroom heating

Finally, your choice of heating for a rustic bathroom can be a traditional-looking column radiator or a towel rail, both provide warmth and cottage style.

Providing a period and rustic look, traditional towel radiators and heated rails combine modern technology with classical style. With their chrome finish, towel rails will work perfectly alongside your taps and shower pipework while towel radiators also bring a smaller column radiator into the structure.

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For a full radiator, column radiators - either small models or vertical options - will do the job perfectly of providing heat while matching the more period style of cottage decor. Available in white or black, they can act as a feature themselves if you choose a vertical radiator.

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