Black Taps & Showers Trend

Style and trends are something we’re always on the lookout for, and there isn’t a hotter trend than black taps and showers.

Hugely popular and incredibly stylish, matte black finishes are here to stay because they are so contemporary in design and add an easy luxury touch. With more bathroom fixtures including a matte finish, you can have taps, showers and radiators to match.

So, how can you get in on this trend? Well, Plumbworld is here to help. We’ve picked out some of the best matte black appliances for your bathroom. We’ll explain why this trend is so popular - plus how you can keep this design going throughout your bathroom.

Read on to find out more about the beautiful matte black bathroom trend…

Why is the matte black trend popular?

Before we get on to the stunning pieces you can buy for your bathroom from Plumbworld - black taps and black showers, we want to explain why they’re so popular.

Black taps and showers are different from the usual chrome or metallic finishes - your eyes are drawn to them because they stand out so well - adding something unique to your bathroom. They go with almost every interior style, whether it’s a bright colour or white paint and tiles. Everything goes with black, and this rule includes bathroom fixtures - an effortless design.

The choice of matte black tapware gives a modern, luxury look to any bathroom. Combining matte black fixtures with an all-white bath against a white or white and black marble wall to get a contemporary style that brings a smart, elegant touch.

As you’ve no doubt seen when scrolling through Instagram for bathroom inspiration, you’ve found a design with black bathroom taps. Pairing black taps with simple, minimal finishes will draw the eyes to statement black taps, making them insta-friendly pieces.

Chrome will always be the go-to choice for some, but matte black taps and other fixtures tend to look cleaner without any effort - you can always see where water has been left on a chrome tap. So, along with looking amazing, they don’t get as grubby as chrome taps.

Matte Black Bathroom Taps

The most common fixture when it comes to the black trend are black taps, available in a range of styles so you’re spoiled for choice.

Whether you’re after black bathroom taps for your basin or bath, various styles are open to you, including wall-mounted taps, waterfall taps and mixer taps. For your basin, the most striking taps are waterfall and wall-mounted. Wall-mounted taps hide everything behind the wall, so you only see the spout, for an ultra-stylish look with all types of basins.

Waterfall black taps, such as this model from Architeckt, are a type of mixer tap. Instead of two outlets for hot and cold water, these mix the water to a set temperature, avoiding scolding hot or freezing cold water which could hurt you or damage your basin. These are a stunning addition to any bathroom.

If you’re looking for black bath taps, mixer waterfall taps are a great option to have. Like basin taps, they mix the water together so you aren’t constantly using cold and hot water. These taps are simply beautiful and extremely functional. You can position them at either end or in the middle of your bathtub.

Black Showers

How you display the shower, but also its colour, are key design decisions - much like choosing your bath, it can define your bathroom.

Before we get to the shower itself, there’s the question of how you feature it. As a shower-bath or in an enclosure? Black shower enclosures take the frame or borders of the enclosure that are usually metallic or chrome in appearance and make it a popping black. Set against a white bathroom wall and other fixtures, like your bath, this is a modern and cool design choice.

For the shower itself, nothing is more popular or luxurious than a drencher shower. Ideally paired with mixer showers, get the contemporary hotel look from a shower that is relaxing to enjoy and a stunning visual fixture, no matter the setting. For a walk-in shower enclosure, you can offset the black shower with a marble-effect wall panel.

Design Tips for Black Taps & Showers

Even though taps and showers are the main options for introducing cool black features in your bathroom, you can do even more to make them stand out and create a contemporary bathroom space.

  • For black basin bathroom taps, match it with a white countertop basin for a stunning contrast in colour
  • You can add more black fixtures that will work brilliantly in a monochromatic colour design choice, such as towel rings and hooks for clothing
  • We have a range of black bathroom accessory sets to really get your design overhaul going
  • For heating, try our anthracite radiators and heated towel rails
  • While bold colours work well with black bathroom fixtures, white walls - maybe tiles - or even marble will help the taps and other pieces really catch the eyes

So, which of these design ideas would you adopt to get your bathroom on-trend?

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