How to create a minimalist, stylish bathroom

You don’t have to fill every possible bit of space in your bathroom when decorating or renovating. A minimalist bathroom is every bit as beautiful - and even good for you.

How can you make your bathroom stylish while being minimalist? To find out, this month's edition of our Expert Writer series is here to help!

We asked interiors blogger, Becky Goddard-Hill, from ‘A Beautiful Space’ and ‘Thrifty Home’ to share some of her ideas on how to make your bathroom a minimalist masterpiece.

Read on for her expert insight for making a stylish minimalist!

A minimalist stylish bathroom is a bathroom to be proud of. 

Minimalism does not mean boring and bare. What it does mean is efficient use of space, maximising light and creating an airy and spacious feel. It is all about lack of clutter and inclusion of only that which is beautiful and practical. Minimalist design about simplicity and style.

Lets’ take a look at how you can create a minimalist, stylish bathroom in your home.


A minimalist bathroom does not have to be white, but colours will need to fairly be neutral and complimentary such as whites and greys, soft yellow, blush or tones of cream.  No more than two main colours is the rule of thumb when it comes to minimalism.


Accessories should be kept to a minimum and stored away where possible. Hand wash and shower gels should not be in garish packaging but in beautiful, simple and coordinated pots that blend well into the décor.

A green plant or two adds light and style. Aloe Vera or a rubber plant have clean lines and work well in minimalist décor. 

Wall art 

Wall art isn’t necessary in a bathroom, especially when you are aiming for minimalist stylish bathrooms. But if you love art on your walls, consider a picture with clean lines and soft hues – perhaps an abstract seascape or a simple line drawing?

Bathroom furniture

Your bathroom furniture should be functional, co-ordinated and have sleek, modern lines.

Being clutter-free is essential to minimalism so storage is a key concern. 

Radiator cover 

A simple white radiator cover will hide that ugly radiator and make your bathroom look so much more elegant. This one would work perfectly and would tie in so well with your minimalistic aesthetic.

Under-the-sink cupboards

Under the sinks cupboards, like the one featured not only look beautiful but also give you a space for your bathroom clutter, toilet roll and cleaner, spare hand wash, etc.  This allows your surface to stay clean and uncluttered.

Mirror cabinets

Mirror cabinets not only hide your toiletries but also provide you with a mirror and an increased sense of space and light in your bathroom.  Multifunctional furniture is always best!

Mirror cabinets don’t always have to be square or rectangular though. A circular mirror cabinet brings a lovely touch to an otherwise rather angular room and softens the design

A corner bath

When it comes to maximising space in your bathroom and injecting style what could do that more elegantly and simply than a corner bath like this one – such a space saver and absolutely gorgeous too. 

Wall-hung toilets 

Wall hung toilets increase the illusion of space, perfect for a bathroom where less is more. Being able to see the floor underneath can make a real difference. 

Sinks and taps

This countertop basin and tap are simple and stylish and would fit perfectly into a minimalist design concept. The round bowl is also an unusual touch that could echo a round mirror cabinet and really pull your room together.

A spa-like vibe

A minimalist bathroom is one that makes you feel calm and centred, unhurried and serene. It is a bathroom that allows you to relax, and it works perfectly in line with your practical and functional needs.

It is simple to create a minimalist, stylish bathroom and it will look and feel amazing.

So, which of these ideas would you adopt to turn your bathroom into a minimalist masterpiece?

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