Secrets to Keeping a Clean & Tidy Bathroom

A clean and tidy bathroom is good not only for hygiene but for your peace of mind, you don’t really want it to look all cluttered and messy, do you?

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We asked interiors blogger, Antonia Ludden, from ‘Tidylife’ to share some of her ideas on how to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Everything to make sure grime stays away and your washroom is the relaxing sanctuary you wanted.

What are the secrets to keeping your bathroom clean and tidy? To find out, this month's edition of our Expert Writer series is here to help!

Read on for her expert insight for a sparkling bathroom!

It might be the smallest room in the house, but the bathroom is also one of the busiest and most challenging to keep on top of! But with a few smart cleaning hacks and tips up your sleeve, it’s easier than you may think to keep your bathroom looking spotless.

Daily Must-Do’s 

The longer something is left to get dirty, the harder the job of cleaning it will be.

When the bathroom is allowed to become grimy it’s not only unpleasant and unhygienic, the effort and number of products required to tackle it increases. It’s a chore you come to dread, so the simple solution is to clean and tidy as you go! 

Daily bathroom cleaning

Wipe surfaces and rinse the sink to remove soap and toothpaste residue before it has a chance to harden. Ensure there’s a laundry hamper to drop your clothes into when you undress for the bath or shower. Use a squeegee on the shower screen after use to keep watermarks at bay. Squeeze toilet cleaner into the bowl each night before bed.

Getting into the daily habit will ensure sinks, mirrors etc stay sparkling and you will rarely need to do a deep clean, saving time and elbow grease in the long run.

Extra Tip

Keep a caddy of cleaning supplies in the bathroom, so it’s easy to do a quick daily clean-up and try a magic sponge on a watermarked shower screen – you’ll be amazed at the results!

Weekly Tasks

A thorough scrub of taps, the toilet, shower tray and bath can be done weekly, but you’ll also need to combat bacteria elsewhere by mopping the floor and cleaning tiles and grout. Empty the bin, then check the towels are clean and fresh – if not, replace them.

Weekly bathroom cleaning tasks

Remove any cobwebs and check the corners of the bathroom where dust and hair can quickly accumulate – a quick vacuum or sweep with a dustpan and brush will keep on top of that.

Extra Tip

Used dryer sheets are a good way to collect debris in these dusty corners!

Cut The Clutter

A cluttered bathroom is an untidy and unappealing space, far from the soothing sanctuary you might envision. 

Ensure items have a home to go back to so they don’t end up cluttering the sink or windowsill. Only keep what you need on display – for example, moisturiser and contact lens solution doesn’t need to be on show.

Reducing clutter in your bathroom

Storage is essential - use a wall caddy, drawer or shelf for toiletries. Opt for multi-functional features where possible, such as a mirrored cabinet or built-in alcoves in the shower wall. 

Door hooks and baskets can be great for organising, but don’t overload the space with these storage solutions as the bathroom can end up looking a bit like a lost property corner.

Extra Tip

Liquid soap is less messy than a bar of soap, so why not ditch the gooey soap tray and swap it for a refillable hand wash dispenser. 

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are cheap and easy to make which means you should never run out! 

They’re also more environmentally friendly and making your own can be fun and may even motivate you to get cleaning more often.

Make your own cleaning products

Vinegar and baking soda are the essential ingredients you need. Baking soda helps to loosen greasy deposits from vanity units and cabinets. When mixed with vinegar, it creates a safe and effective paste.

Alternatively, you can fill a spray bottle with equal parts of water and white vinegar then spritz on to a microfibre cloth and get cleaning. Vinegar can also be applied neat on tiles; just wipe on with a cloth and use a toothbrush to scrub the grout, but as it’s acidic, don’t use vinegar on any marble or stone surfaces. 

Extra Tip

Pour a little baking soda into the toilet and scrub with a toilet brush for a super quick and no fuss clean up.

Control Excess Moisture

One thing that can really spoil the appearance of a bathroom is a build-up of mould and mildew, it’s also unpleasant to clean so keep moisture in the air to a minimum. 

Control moisture with spare towels

As the bathroom is a naturally steamy environment, good ventilation is essential. Leave a window slightly open when you take a bath or shower or make sure the room has a working extractor fan. Excess moisture can allow mould growth on shower curtains and it can also damage finishes on your bathroom furniture and cause mirrors to rust. 

Keep a spare towel on standby to wipe down the moist areas immediately after bathing or showering, before any damage is done. If towels are clean but damp, you could pop them in the tumble dryer for a few minutes.

Extra Tip

To prevent your bathroom mirror fogging up, mix a solution of equal measures of water and white vinegar then add a squeeze of dishwashing soap. Spray onto your mirror then wipe with a towel and you should notice the mirror stays steam free for several days!

A few quick daily tasks carried out by everyone who uses the bathroom can ensure it keeps looking clean and tidy for longer!

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