Bathroom Cleaning Habits You Can't Live Without

It's your day off and you're thinking about the chores you've been putting off around the house. One room in particular people tend to avoid is the bathroom. You definitely do not want to leave the bathroom unattended for too long as it's a room you use multiple times a day which can build up bacteria and dirt.

Here are some cleaning tips you should start putting into practice when it comes to keeping your bathroom hygienic.

Find the time

Dedicate some time, perhaps on a certain day, where you can spend 10-20 minutes (depending on the size of your bathroom) a week to do a light clean. If you do this and then a deep clean once a month, your bathroom is going to be sparkling.

The idea of light cleaning means you'll be able to get through it very quickly each week as it will be a part of your routine - I've found it's best to clean in the morning so then you can enjoy the rest of the day knowing you've already finished a boring job that inevitably needs to be done.

Clean the showerhead

Cleaning the shower that helps to clean you is the least you can do. Showerheads can get clogged up with limescale depending on the density of your water - the harder the water, the more likely you'll see this on your shower.

Spraying the showerhead with dedicated limescale remover can get rid of this. If you'd prefer a cheaper option with items you may already have in your house, you can use lemon or vinegar due to the high concentration of acid. Soak the head for about 10 or so minutes and then wipe off. Turn on the shower to clean off of the residue and it will look as good as new! Read our article on how to remove limescale in the bathroom for a more in-depth guide.

Wash bath mats

Sometimes this can be forgotten, as people can think stepping out the shower onto a tiled or laminated floor is no big deal. Wrong. Water that is left on the floor can damage grout and leave stains on tiles. If you still have carpet in your bathroom, water can ruin floorboards and horrible bacteria can build up (not very nice when you use the bathroom throughout the day) which is hard to remove unless you have a dedicated carpet cleaner.

Buy at least 2 bathroom rugs and when you start cleaning, make it a habit to swap out the rug for the fresh one. Wash the used one so that any dirt or bacteria that may be sitting in the fibres can be drained off and then it's ready for the next replacement - we love being practical!

Make sure your toothbrushes aren't close to the toilet

You may not notice, but when you flush the toilet with the lid up, dirty water particles from the bowl can splash up to 6 metres away, coating anything in its vicinity.

One thing you don't want toilet water on is your toothbrush. Makes you grimace, doesn't it? We recommend either putting your toothbrushes in a cabinet, where there's no chance of getting anything on it or further away from the toilet but still accessible.

When using the toilet, close the lid before your flush to make sure all the water stays contained in there. If you have a toothbrush holder, be sure you clean it now and again by using hot water and antibacterial spray or if it's dishwasher friendly, you can put it in there.

Look after the grout

Opting for tiles can be a lovely touch to any bathroom, but dirt and mould can get into the surrounding grout if you don't vent the room after baths and showers. This can affect the efficiency of the tiles being waterproof and can actually make you ill if left untreated.

Noticing mould shouldn't be left to a later date to remove it, you could incorporate this into your deep clean routine once a month, or every other month. If you don't have a stiff bristle brush, you can use a toothbrush with some warm water to see if this will get rid of the dirt easily. You may need to add an equal amount of vinegar for heavier stains and dirt. To learn how to remove mould, click here.

Other helpful bathroom-related habits

Don't put your phone down in the bathroom

I think we're all guilty of using our phones in the bathroom! It's a distraction from what we're doing and we end up sitting on the toilet longer than we need to be.

The mistake is when we put our phone down on the side, whether it be on the basin, window ledge or shelf, you're then exposing your phone to all the germs on these surfaces (or the germs on your phone to your nicely cleaned bathroom!).

After you wash your hands, you're then going to pick up your phone covered in germs and transfer it back to your hands where you may touch your face or eat food after. If you really want to use your phone, put it back into your pocket and anti-bac it occasionally to remove transferred germs.

Clean your hairbrush

For the most part, we brush our hair daily to remove the knots and loose hairs from our head. But do you ever see all sorts of things built up in your hairbrush?

When it looks like there's a nest growing in your brush, that's when we tend to pull out all the hair we can to keep it "clean". Despite thinking this, it doesn't actually make your hairbrush hygienic.

Hair products, dead skin cells or even the natural oil you produce sticks to the bristles. This creates a huge breeding ground for bacteria which can then be transferred back to your clean hair. You can use the edge of a small pair of scissors to pull out the remaining hair and then soak it in soapy water for about 5 minutes before leaving it to dry.

Clean your makeup brushes

I know we can all get lazy when it comes to cleaning make up utensils, especially when they're used daily or weekly. However, if you are using brushes and sponges on the daily, you should be washing them more often.

Like your hairbrush, the makeup brushes can transfer bacteria from your face to the makeup products and vice versa. We recommend washing them weekly and you don't have to buy anything fancy, just use warm water and soap. Leave them to air dry at an angle with the brush facing down so the water can be drawn out.

Some make up products have high pigmentation and can stain the brushes, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are still dirty. Use similar colours if particular brushes are stained.

What bathroom cleaning habits are you going to try harder at maintaining? We don't always have time to clean, but when you do get a chance you'll be thanking yourself in the future. Don't put it off, keep your bathroom clean!

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