Ask the Experts: Are Radiator Covers Safe?


Radiator covers are a popular addition in many homes, but are they safe? Many people have safety concerns about radiator covers but do you need to worry? Keep reading to find out.

The Quick Answer 

Yes, radiator covers are safe, when installed correctly and used sensibly. However, you should make sure to follow any manufacturer's guidelines when installing a radiator cover, to ensure it meets safety requirements, and to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

Public Worries Regarding Radiator Covers 


Some of the main concerns around radiator covers are whether they’re fire-safe, and if they block heat from your radiator and reduce efficiency.

You can reduce these worries in many ways, such as ensuring your radiator cover is the ideal fit for your radiator and that you have chosen a cover made from a fire-safe material such as MDF.

What’s more, if you’re concerned about the safety of a radiator cover, it’s best not to create a makeshift cover unless you’re 100% sure what you’re doing, and have the correct materials.

While building your own radiator cover from scratch might seem like a cost-effective option, it might not be the safest solution in the long run. We advise purchasing a pre-built unit to ensure it meets safety requirements.

Why Radiator Covers are Safe

Safety is a key factor when deciding whether to purchase a radiator cover, so we will discuss how they’re made and installed for your peace of mind. Keep reading to find out more.

How Are Radiator Covers Made?


Radiator covers are made with heat-resistant materials such as MDF and feature clever airflow holes allowing sufficient ventilation from all areas of the cover. Not only do these features help with the overall safety of the radiator cover, but they also allow your radiator to work to its full effect, without reducing the heat output to the room.  

How Are Radiator Covers Installed? 


Radiator covers should be installed safely with wall fixings or brackets, to ensure they can’t fall over. There should also be a sufficient gap between your radiator cover and radiator to allow air and heat to flow safely.

If you’re struggling to find a pre-cut cover to fit your radiator, an extendable radiator cover is a wonderful solution. Simply pull the cover out to the length you need, remembering to leave a small gap between either side of your radiator and your radiator cover, then fit safely to the wall.

Improving Home Safety with Radiator Covers 


Radiator covers can improve home safety massively, especially for children and pets. Due to their nature, radiators can get extremely hot, and while adults know to be careful around them, children and pets don’t. Therefore, radiator covers are a great way of preventing accidental burns or scalds from a hot radiator.

Radiator Covers Available at Plumbworld


At Plumbworld, we stock a wide range of radiator covers, from standard covers to extendable options and even radiator covers with storage included. If you’re looking for something to match your decor, we stock classic white options, black, anthracite and wood. To shop our full range of radiator covers, take a look at our website today.

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