Choosing the Best Radiator for Your Home

DuraTherm Vertical Double Flat Panel Designer Radiator

There’s nothing better than the warm embrace of a well-heated home. And there's (arguably) no better way of heating your home than with a trusty radiator. But when it comes to style and heating, a dull design can be detrimental to your home's décor. With an ever-growing range of radiator styles, colours, materials, and sizes on the market, it’s clear to see why choosing a new radiator can become so difficult...but that’s where we come in.

Here at Plumbworld, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to aid in your journey to finding the best radiator.

Choosing the Right Style

A radiator isn’t just there to heat up your home, it also needs to look good, too. With so many types of radiators available, it can become confusing to find the perfect radiator to suit your interior design. That's why we've compiled a list of some of our favourite radiators currently on the market, from timeless classics to eye-catching modern designs, to make it (slightly) easier for you to choose!

Panel Radiators

K Rad Kompact Type 21 Double Panel Radiator

A classic for a reason, panel radiators offer a touch of humble sophistication to your home. They're not only an affordable option when it comes to radiator shopping, but they're also extremely efficient and easy to install, making them ideal for any home.

For 'cosier' rooms, we would suggest a single panel radiators which are perfect for smaller spaces including hallways. For rooms that suffer the cold a little more, we would suggest a double panel radiators.

Column Radiators

Park Lane Traditional Colosseum Double Bar Column Radiator

If you're looking for something traditional but hoping to add a modern flare, column radiators are the way forward. Boasting an authentic classic feel, these eye-catching radiators are a stand-out piece in any room. Their thick columns give them an industrial edge that not only look good, they also emit heat extremely well. Column radiators are often compatible with both tank-fed and combination boilers, too.

Designer Radiators

Terma Hex Bright Copper Designer Radiator

Sleek, sophisticated and oozing style, designer radiators offer the perfect aesthetically pleasing touch to any home. Blending functionality with style, it's clear to see why designer radiators are taking the market by storm. If you want to create a touch of luxury combined with warmth; designer radiators are the one for you.

Designer radiators come in all shapes and sizes, including the uniquely shaped Terma Hex Bright Copper Designer Radiator, perfect for anyone looking to add a creative edge in their home.

Mirrored Radiators

Terma Rolo Modern Grey Designer Radiator with Mirror

Designer radiators come in a eclectic range of shapes, sizes and styles...and can even include mirrors! Mirrored radiators are ideal for offering both functionality and style in one. These beautifully unique radiators are the perfect decoration for any room, including bedrooms, hallways and living rooms.

Electric Radiators

If you're looking for a radiator that doesn't run on gas, an electric radiator is the perfect option for you. Designed to be either conveniently plugged in or mains wired, these modern radiators are just as powerful as their standard predecessor.

Which Style for Which Room?

Another important factor to consider when buying a new radiator is which room they’ll be best suited in. With so many sizes and styles to choose from, picking the right room for the right radiator can be crucial.

Living Rooms

DuraTherm Horizontal Double Flat Panel Designer Radiator

Warming up your living room is probably the number one priority in any home, and that’s why we’ve found the perfect radiator to not only add warmth, but also include a touch of style. We suggest a stylish flat panel radiator to heat up your living room. These beautiful radiators not only offer a streamlined way of heating your home, they’re also compatible with all British plumbing systems!


No one wants to be cold in bed! That’s why getting your bedroom to the perfect temperature is a must. When it comes to making your bedroom cosy and warm, but space might not be on your side, we suggest a vertical radiator. They take up a minimal amount of wall space but still give off a modern aesthetic. If you want to take your style to the next level, our range of contemporary mirror radiators are also a must-have for your bedroom. They not only heat your room nicely, they also ooze style as well as practicality with a convenient mirror attached!  


Terma Warp S Heated Towel Rail

When it comes to your bathroom, the best option to heat up your room is a heated towel rail. These practical towel rails provide the perfect blend of functionality and style. They not only heat up your bathroom, they also efficiently heat up your towels, too.


The kitchen is the perfect place to install a standard panel radiator. These classic radiators not only look great, they also take up a small amount of space, perfect for kitchens where other appliances may need more space! We’d recommend a stylish flat panel radiator which boast practicality and style.


Before purchasing your new radiator you should make sure you know the heat requirements for the room. This can be calculated easily by working out the BTU (British Thermal Units) needed for the room. Our useful BTU heating calculator is a great way to work this out.

View our heating calculator here.

Radiator Accessories

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve

Once you've bought your new radiator, you may also need to think about the accessories to go along with it.

Radiator Valves

Radiator valves are a crucial accessory for your brand new radiator. These small but mighty devices help control the temperature of your radiator directly from the valve, making sure your room is at the optimum temperature.

Here at Plumbworld, we offer an eclectic range of radiator valves to suit every need, from classic manual radiator valves to modern smart valves that can be controlled directly from your phone!

Radiator Covers

Vale Designs Storage Radiator Cover with Drawers

If you want to add another touch of style to your home or simply want to spruce up the radiators you already have, a modern radiator cover can be the perfect choice.

If all this talk of radiators has left you thinking about upgrading, Plumbworld offers a variety of beautiful radiators for you to choose from.

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