The Ultimate Shower Waste and Shower Trap Buying Guide


Your shower waste may not be one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about your bathroom, but it’s just as important as many other aspects of the room. While it may not define the style of the space, when you have the correct waste for your shower you can certainly enjoy a more relaxing and carefree showering experience.

What is a shower waste?


A shower waste, also referred to as a shower trap, is a device that allows water to drain away from your shower without allowing any other debris to follow. Without a shower waste, items such as hair can block the drain, causing serious blockages.

How do I know when I need a new shower waste?

One of the tell-tale signs that you need to replace your shower waste is when you get a build-up of dirty soapy water in your shower tray during a shower. This is due to the water not being able to drain away correctly.

First, you should make sure your shower tray and waste have been cleaned recently to determine whether it’s a case of a replacement or a really good clean-out. When showering, items such as hair and soap can build up in your shower drain making it difficult for water to flow away as quickly as it should or at all. That’s why shower traps and wastes are designed to be taken apart easily, for regular cleaning.

What type of shower waste do I need?


If you’ve decided to replace your shower waste, you first need to know what type of waste you need. This will depend on your existing waste and the style and size of your shower tray.

Available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and shapes, you may be able to find an exact match for your existing shower tray waste but if not don’t panic. Most standard shower trays tend to have a 50mm or 90mm shower waste, the most common sizes, but please check your current setup first, before purchasing.

However, if you have a different style of waste (such as an oblong waste designed to fit seamlessly between floor joists) these might be more difficult to replace as you might need to go directly to the supplier for a replacement part.

What is a fast flow shower waste?

Simply put, a fast-flow shower waste allows for water to flow away at a higher speed, helping to reduce the chance of water buildup at the bottom of your shower tray. A fast-flow waste in most cases can deal with as much as 32 litres of water per minute.

Fast-flow shower wastes are particularly useful for dual head showers, as well as high-pressure and power showers, as they are more adept at dealing with the additional water flow.

Will I need help installing the waste?

While most shower wastes are designed to be easy to install, whether you need help to install your waste is likely to come down to a few factors. Have you carried out a DIY task like this before? Are you replacing a waste or installing a new one from scratch?

At the end of the day, fitting a shower waste can be completed by a DIY novice if you feel comfortable following the fitting instructions for your new shower waste. However, if you are at all unsure, we suggest contacting a professional plumber as the last thing you want is a bigger task on your hand if something goes wrong.

How much does a shower waste cost?

Shower wastes and traps come in a variety of materials and finishes, from cheaper plastic options starting from as little as £8, to higher-end brass options from around £50. If you have the budget, then a brass waste is likely to last a little longer and withstand general wear and tear better. However, some plastic wastes can be just as sturdy and even last longer than some brass options.

If you have any queries on shower waste materials or sizing and compatibility, we advise getting in touch with a professional plumber who can advise on your specific circumstances.

What colours are shower wastes available in?


If you’re looking to give your bathroom a small update, then switching out your shower waste can be an easy way to do this. Available in a range of colour options such as brushed brass, black, and even gold you can easily update your current waste to match the rest of your bathroom fittings.

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