Ensuite Bathroom Ideas


Ensuites are no longer a luxury for those with more money, they are affordable for all. But you might be thinking about how it is possible to truly make the most of the space in your ensuite.

An ensuite bathroom is generally smaller than a family bathroom but in most cases, you still want to be able to fit the same things, a toilet, basin, shower, and maybe even a bath, but you might be thinking about how can you fit all of these in such a small space?

That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you make an informed decision on the design and style of your luxurious ensuite bathroom.


Even in a small space your basin still needs to be workable and fit for your needs. If you still need a relatively large basin in your ensuite you can save space in other ways, by choosing a semi pedestal or wall hung basin, both creating usable space below your basin.

Semi Pedestal Basins


A semi pedestal basin is a practical choice for a smaller space as it doesn’t take up vital floor space, therefore allowing you to keep the space below your basin for storage or even just to give your ensuite the feeling of more space.

Wall Hung Basins


Wall hung basins are one of the most common choices for smaller ensuite bathrooms as they take up minimal space on the wall and don’t encroach on valuable floor space. Wall hung basins also allow you to use the space below for storage such as a bathroom cabinet or pedal bin.

Wall Hung Basin Units


If you’re looking to create useful storage space in your ensuite then why not consider a wall hung basin unit which incorporates both the basin and, in most cases, a generous amount of storage space, enough to store spare bathroom towels and all your essential toiletries. The last thing you want is toiletries cluttering such a small room!


Choosing the right toilet for an ensuite can be difficult, especially when they come in so many different designs, shapes and sizes, how do you know which ones will be best suited to a small ensuite bathroom? Read on to find out.  

Wall Hung Toilets


Wall hung toilets not only help to provide a sleek and stylish touch to your ensuite but also take up minimal space, allowing you to make your ensuite feel much more spacious. Wall hung toilets feature a concealed cistern, which is installed within the wall, not only providing extra space but also giving your ensuite a sleek and minimalistic feel.

Back To Wall Toilets


A back to wall toilet is similar to a wall hung toilet as again the cistern can be hidden behind the wall, to provide more space a sleek and modern finish to your ensuite. However, unlike a wall hung toilet, a back to wall toilet does sit on the floor, slightly reducing visible and usable space.

Corner Toilets


If you have an unusual, shaped ensuite or an odd corner that you don’t know what to do with then a corner toilet might just be the perfect choice. Corner toilets don’t project out as much as a standard toilet, this means the distance from the wall to the end of your toilet is greatly reduced, allowing for more space in your ensuite. A corner toilet has a triangular shaped cistern, making it more compact and suitable for corner installation.

Toilet and Basin Combination Units


A toilet and basin combination unit includes not only a toilet but an integrated basin too, making it perfect for those who are short on space. A toilet and basin combination unit may not be the first choice for most people but it’s definitely a wonderful option for a particularly small space. A combination unit may even allow you to create an ensuite where you wouldn’t normally be able to, as it takes up half the space of a standard toilet and basin.

As the cistern uses waste water from the basin to flush thetoilet it is also a highly efficient and environmentally friendly option.

Shower Enclosures


A shower enclosure is regularly the go-to choice for an ensuite bathroom, as they take up much less space than a bath. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, this allows you to choose one that best suits the size of your ensuite.

A square shower enclosure is probably the most common choice for small spaces, with bifold doors also being a good choice as they cleverly fold in on themselves, giving you plenty of room to get in and out of your shower without taking up valuable space in your ensuite.


If you’ve set your heart on enjoying a relaxing soak in your new ensuite but a standard sized bath is too big for your space then why not consider a smaller than average bath? As long as you’re not 6ft 6 you can still enjoy stretching out and relaxing at the end of a long day.

Shower Baths


If you want the luxury of both a shower and a bath but your ensuite isn’t big enough for both a bath and a shower enclosure, then why not consider a shower bath. A shower bath is simply a standard bath with plenty of space to enjoy a relaxing bath or a revitalising shower. Is it easy to fit any type of shower whether that be a clever smart shower with a luxurious waterfall showerhead or a simple thermostatic shower, the choice is yours.

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