The History of Hygiene

There’s a bit of a myth that history is quite a stinky place. While it’s true that the modern obsession with cleanliness and all the modern technologies we take for granted, such as our sewerage systems, weren’t as stringent back then, it’s still untrue to say that they didn’t care about hygiene. For thousands of years, mankind has wanted to wash off the muck of a day in the fields or be presentable when showing off to their wealthy friends.

So while people did care about hygiene, the way they looked after themselves may seem primitive by today’s standards. In this infographic, we chart the developments from as far back as 4,000 B.C. up until the last century. Because having a bath has always been important!

Hygiene Tips From History 1 Infographic
Hygiene Tips From History 2 Infographic
Hygiene Tips From History 3 Infographic
Hygiene Tips From History 5 Infographic
Hygiene Tips From History 6 Infographic

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