Under Stairs Bathroom Ideas


If you’re looking to add a downstairs toilet or cloakroom to your home, then why not consider installing an under-stairs toilet? Maybe your under-stairs cupboard rarely gets used or it just gets used as a dumping ground for your unwanted clutter?

While an understairs cupboard might not add a huge amount to the value of your home it can be particularly useful for guests or workmen to use, allowing you to keep your main bathroom for just your use. After all who wants their guests to see their damp bath towels hanging around from your morning shower?

Maximise space

If you’re set on creating a downstairs loo in a small space, then maximising that space is essential. There are a variety of fittings perfect for use in an under-stairs toilet, for example, a toilet and basin combination unit.

Toilet and basin combination unit


To really make the most of the space you have available, a toilet and basin combination is the perfect addition. With the basin sitting on top of the toilet cistern, you can free up the space that would otherwise be taken up with a separate toilet and basin.

Wall hung fittings


However, if a toilet and basin combination unit isn’t for you then a separate wall-hung basin and toilet can work as well. Wall-hung items not only free up valuable floor space for items such as bins but can also provide visible floor space, helping to create a more spacious feeling in the room.



Ventilation is essential in a bathroom, and even more so in a small, confined space. If you’re lucky enough to have you’re an exterior wall to your cloakroom, you might be lucky enough to have a window fitted. Even so, an extractor fan is recommended, to remove any moisture from the room and can even help to remove unwanted smells.



In such a small space it can be difficult to add your own personal touch. Keep reading to find out how to decorate an under-stairs cloakroom.

One of the main things to take into consideration is most under-stairs toilets won’t have a window or any form of natural lighting. Therefore, painting the space in light colours is essential to keep your space from feeling claustrophobic. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add colour to the space.

Adding light-coloured tiles such as a pale pink or sage green can make a huge difference to the feel of a small understairs toilet.

Don’t forget storage space!


When creating a downstairs toilet your mind is likely to be on the big items such as the toilet, basin, and flooring, however, don’t forget to consider storage space.

Like all bathrooms and toilets no matter how big or small you’ll need somewhere to store items such as toilet rolls, towels, and soap. If your basin isn’t big enough to hold a soap dispenser, then you might need to consider a wall-fixed holder or shelf. The same goes for your toilet rolls and towels, you’ll need a wall-mounted holder or rail for these. However, if this isn’t possible there are plenty of freestanding options available.

Do you need planning permission?

If you are creating a downstairs toilet in an existing part of your home and not adding an extension, then in most cases, you shouldn’t need planning permission. However, if you are unsure then a quick call to your local council should solve your worries. Permission may be needed, however, if you are renovating an old outside toilet, so be sure to check with the council before starting your project.

You will however need to sign off with a building control completion certificate. If you are unsure what this is a fully qualified plumber or electrician will be able to advise on this before work takes place.

Where can I add a downstairs toilet?

While the most obvious choice is under your stairs this might not always be practical. Any unused space in your home can, with the correct fittings and pipework be turned into a downstairs toilet. Perhaps you have an unused area in your hallway, living room, or even kitchen? This in most cases has the potential to be turned into a downstairs toilet.

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