The Best Baths For Sharing

If you want to splash out on a luxury bath to share with your other half but don’t know where to start, our handy guide is here to help. Taking you through the best baths for sharing we’ll delve into the positives and negatives of each style.

Why share a bath?

Sharing a bath with a partner or loved one has many benefits, from creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing moment with your nearest and dearest to saving water and electricity, we can’t think of any reasons not to share a bath.

Some of you may even share a bath with your little ones. After all, this is a wonderful time to bond with your children as most love bath time. Gone are the days of washing your children in the kitchen sink, but many people did, and still do bathe their children together in the bath. If you’re choosing a larger sharing bath for this reason, then you need to make sure there’s plenty of space to play and splash around safely.

Whatever the reason for your decision to purchase a sharing bath, keep reading to see the best baths for sharing.

Sharing a double ended bath

While most people tend to have a straight bath in their bathroom, you’ll find it’s a single-ended option with the tap at one end which can make it difficult to share the bath. After all, who wants a tap sticking in their back while trying to enjoy a relaxing soak with your other half. Definitely a mood killer.

A double-ended bath on the other hand features a tap positioned in the middle of the bath instead of at one end, which means no more being stabbed in the back.


  • One of the cheapest sharing bath options
  • Various length options allow you to find the perfect length for you and your partner
  • Ability to create a shower bath


  • Straightforward basic design
  • Potential plumbing issues if you currently have a single-ended bath and need to move taps

Sharing a corner bath

A corner bath, while looking stylish, can also be a wonderful space-saving solution, even as a sharing option. If you don’t have the length for a standard double-ended or freestanding bath, you might have the space for a spacious corner bath.


  • Can fit in awkward-shaped bathrooms
  • Stylish curved designs


  • Limited space to stretch out
  • Not ideal for taller people

Sharing a freestanding bath

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom or thinking of adding some traditional elements, then a freestanding bath is a wonderful way to achieve this whilst still getting a bath perfect for sharing. From copper and nickel to tin and traditional white ceramic, you’re guaranteed to find the best style for your bathroom.


  • Large design making them perfect for sharing
  • Available in multiple materials and colours
  • Can be positioned in the centre of the room


  • One of the more expensive sharing bath options
  • Tend to be on the larger side making them unsuitable for small bathrooms

Sharing a whirlpool bath

If you’re craving the experience of a hot tub in your bathroom, then look no further than a whirlpool bath. Perfect for sharing, larger whirlpool baths can create the feeling of a luxurious hot tub with as many as 26 water jets and relaxing LED lighting.


  • Available in a range of sizes letting you choose the perfect length for you and your partner
  • Luxury spa-like experience


  • On the expensive side
  • More upkeep and cleaning are needed than a standard bath

Contemporary or traditional bath?

Not only will the size of your bath be a high priority, but style is likely to be up there as well. From contemporary to traditional, and somewhere in between, there are plenty of styles to choose from, all perfect for sharing.

If you’re looking for a contemporary option, you can choose from just about any type of bath, from straight double-ended options to stylish freestanding or corner baths. However, if you’re looking for a traditional alternative, then a traditional freestanding bath is the way to go. With the option of materials such as copper and tin and classic claw and dragon feet, you can’t go wrong.

How much does a sharing bath cost?

Depending on the style of bath, a bath perfect for sharing is likely to vary in price quite drastically. For example, if you choose a standard double-ended bath these start from as little as £200, however, if you’re looking at a traditional freestanding bath or whirlpool bath you could spend as much as £1,000 - £4,000.

Options for sharing a shower

With all this talk of sharing a bath, what if you want to share a shower instead? There are plenty of options for sharing a shower with your partner, from luxury steam cabins to extra-large shower enclosures, wet rooms, and even double showers.

If you have the space but don’t have a massive budget to work with then a large walk-in shower enclosure with just one shower might be the best option. However, if money isn’t an issue, then a stylish steam shower cabin or specially built wet room with two showers could be the ideal solution to your double showering needs.

Whether it’s out of ease or lack of time, or to create time to bond with your partner, sharing a shower has many benefits. Not only could you save water but by showering with your significant other you could also save time in the mornings or evenings, no longer waiting for your partner to finish in the shower but joining them instead.

Sharing a bath and shower

While sharing a relaxing bath might be the idea of heaven for some couples, others might not enjoy a bath. Therefore, if you have the space, why not purchase both a relaxing bath and a separate shower enclosure? This way you can enjoy the wash of your choice while still spending quality time relaxing with your significant other. Even if one of you is in the shower and the other in the bath, you’d be surprised how this small amount of time away from distractions can bring you closer.

Overall, the style of a sharing bath or even shower that you choose will come down to your style preference and budget, but research is key. Carry out plenty of research and always make sure to measure your space multiple times before purchasing your sharing bath. After all, the last thing you want is to get your beautiful new bath home and find that it doesn’t fit.

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