His and Hers Bathroom Ideas


A his and hers bathroom is the perfect way to ensure you both get your own space in the bathroom. It can also be an amazing way to create a luxury retreat for both you and your other half. Just imagine, no more waiting to shower or clean your teeth. With a his and hers bathroom you can both use the bathroom, at the same time with ease.

While his and hers bathrooms might be seen as a luxury, they can also be highly practical. Allowing two people to use the bathroom at the same time.

We’ve all had that mad rush to get ready before work when you find you can’t get in the bathroom to shower or clean your teeth as your other half is already in there, but with a his and hers bathroom, you can both get ready at the same time.

Double vanity units and sinks


A double vanity unit and sink can not only provide both of you with a space to clean your teeth or wash your face, but a double vanity unit can also provide that much-needed additional storage space for all of your bathroom essentials. What’s more, you can easily find your own toiletries without having to search through someone else’s too.

Double ended baths


Now, if you want to bathe together, then a double-ended bath is a must. With the tap sitting in the middle of the length of the bath instead of either end, you can both stretch out and relax without the worry of hitting your head or shoulders on the tap.

Double-ended baths come in a variety of styles, from standard double-ended baths to the more luxurious freestanding bath. The style of double-ended bath that you choose is likely to depend on your budget. With standard double-ended baths starting from as little as £174 and freestanding baths reaching the £4,000 mark, there is a clear difference in price.

Freestanding baths


Freestanding baths are a great way to add a touch of luxury to a his and hers bathroom but are highly practical too. Due to their curved design and high sides, freestanding baths are perfect for enjoying a relaxing soak with your partner.

Or, if you’re prepared to let your children use your bathroom (you’re braver than me if you do) then a freestanding bath can be perfect for bath time with 2 or more children too.

Double shower


Another amazing addition to a his and hers bathroom is either a double shower enclosure or two individual shower enclosures, allowing two people to shower in comfort at the same time. Particularly useful when you’re both leaving for work or a family outing together.



Have you ever tried using a mirror at the same time as someone else? Not easy is it?

With a his and hers bathroom, you can have the luxury of two mirrors, perhaps even positioned above a double vanity unit and sink combination, allowing you to apply your makeup while your partner is shaving, or vice versa.


In most bathrooms, space is likely to be at a premium, so we all get used to sharing tumblers and soap dispensers but in a his and hers bathroom, you can each have your own bathroom accessories.

If you have two shower enclosures, then why not treat yourselves to two shower caddies and two shower mats? If you have double basins, then treat yourselves to your own toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. And if you want to go all out then why not choose a pair of luxury LED mirrors, to finish off the space?

Luxury showers and taps


If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your new his and hers bathroom then why not splash out on some luxury taps and showers?

With a huge variety of tap and shower options out there, you might not know where to start. First, you should narrow down your design choices to traditional or contemporary as well as choosing the finish, such as matt black or brushed brass. Once you’ve decided on these it will make the decision much easier.

If budget isn’t an issue, then why not go all out and choose a luxury smart shower, allowing you to control your shower from your phone. Most smart showers also allow you to pre-set multiple shower temperatures, so if you ever did need to share your shower, you won’t lose your perfect temperature setting.

His and hers bathrooms aren’t limited to partners or husbands and wives, their design is also amazing for your family bathroom, especially when you have two or more children. Allowing everyone to get out of the house and ready for work and school on time.

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