Which Basin Waste Do I Need?

If you’re like me then you may be wondering what exactly is a basin waste and what are the different types? Basin wastes come in a variety of styles such as the classic plug and chain or a click-clack waste – also known as push button, but deciding which type is the most suitable for your basin can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created this handy basin waste buying guide to help you make your decision.

What is an Overflow?

A basin overflow is a small hole in your basin that is designed to prevent your basin from overflowing and essentially prevent your bathroom from accidental flooding. A basin with an overflow is perfect for a family bathroom where children as likely to leave the taps running by accident.

What is a Slotted Basin Waste?

A slotted waste is designed for use with a basin that has an overflow. As it says in the name a slotted waste features a small slot allowing any excess water to drain from the top of the basin back into the waste pipe below, even when the basin waste is completely closed.

What is an Unslotted Basin Waste?

An unslotted basin waste is designed for use with a basin without an overflow hole. When closed, an unslotted basin waste is completely watertight, meaning no water will be drained away until the waste has been opened again.

What is a Flip Top Waste?

A flip-top basin waste can be slotted or unslotted. To use this type of waste you simply push down on one side of the plughole, which in turn rotates the waste and allows water to drain from the basin. A flip-top waste is a clever alternative to a click-clack waste.

What is a Click Clack Waste?

Also known as a push button or sprung waste, a click-clack waste is designed to make filling and emptying your basin quick and easy. A click clack waste is a wonderful replacement for an older plug and chain, as you simply press a central button to open or close the waste, meaning no more wasting time with a plug and chain.

What is a Plug and Chain?

A plug and chain is perhaps one of the most common basin wastes in older bathrooms. If you need a basin that drains quickly then and chain is your best option, as they allow a larger surface area for the water to drain through, once the plug is removed. However, to install a plug and chain you will need to attach a hook onto your basin if it doesn’t already have one (something that most new basins don’t have). The hook will be used to attach the chain and plug to your basin.

What is a Free Running Waste?

A free-running waste is a perfect option for basins without an overflow. A free-running waste works by keeping the waste pipe open, working in a similar way to an overflow hole in preventing your basin from overflowing.

What Size Basin Waste do I Need?

One of the most commonly asked questions is what size basin waste do I need? Well, the simple answer is basin wastes come in just one size at 1 ¼ inch. However, they can come in different shapes such as round or square. Square basin wastes do fit all basins however, they won’t provide as flush a fit as a round basin waste. A square basin waste would be best suited to a rectangular basin with a flatter base.

What Colour Basin Waste?

You may be happy to know basin wastes come in a variety of colours, allowing you either to match your waste with the colour of your sink or make a statement and choose a standout waste colour such as black, copper, or even gold.

Easy Clean Waste

Bathroom basins can be a pain to clean at the best of times, but some basin wastes make this job even more difficult. Possibly the easiest waste to clean is a plug and chain, allowing you easy access to the plughole but, a click-clack or flip-top waste can be more difficult to clean.

However, for those of you who don’t want the weekly or even daily hassle of fighting to clean your basin waste, there are easy clean basin wastes available, allowing you to easily remove the waste for better cleaning access.

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