Space Saving Basins Buying Guide


Finding the right size basin for any bathroom can be difficult but when yours is on the small side it’s particularly important to find a basin that does the job but isn’t too big. There are plenty of basin styles that suit small bathrooms, ensuites, and cloakrooms but now’s the time to decide which is the best fit for you.

Countertop basin


Countertop basins are a wonderful option for bathrooms and cloakrooms that need additional storage but aren’t big enough for a separate basin and storage unit. Available as a package or separately you can easily choose the type of storage unit you need (as long as it has a flat top) where you can install a countertop basin on top.

Countertop basins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with plenty of smaller options available. These smaller options are perfect for narrow units or for keeping countertop space available for storing other items such as cosmetics.

Wall hung basins


A wall-hung basin is a wonderful choice for small spaces as they don’t take up anywhere near as much space as a standard pedestal basin. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, even in corner-fitted options, you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for your space.


Creating the feeling of more space is particularly valuable in small bathrooms, ensuites, and cloakrooms to prevent your space from feeling claustrophobic.

Corner Basins


Now, if your bathroom or cloakroom is an odd shape or perhaps the only space left is the corner of the room, then a wall-hung corner basin is a wonderful choice. Although wall-hung basins tend to be smaller in size than standard pedestal basins, corner basins can, due to their shape still be a decent size. In most cases, making them slightly bigger than round or rectangular wall-hung basins.

Semi-pedestal basin


If you’re looking for a decent-sized basin but don’t have the space for a full pedestal basin, then a semi-pedestal basin might just be the perfect option.

Most pedestal basins tend to be around 550mm in size and our range of semi-pedestal basins is no exception. Choosing a semi-pedestal doesn’t mean a compromise on basin size, just a reduced pedestal height, allowing you to use the space below for storage or perhaps just left clear to create the feeling of more space in your bathroom.

Washstand basin


If you’re looking for a traditional style basin for a room with limited space, then why not consider a washstand basin? A washstand basin is roughly the same size as a standard pedestal basin in size but features a beautiful chrome stand to support the basin. Therefore, the space below your basin is free for storage or just to give your room a spacious feel.

Toilet and Basin Combination unit


If your space is particularly small, perhaps an understairs cloakroom or you’ve made a walk-in wardrobe into an ensuite, then a toilet and basin combination unit is a wonderful option.

A toilet and basin combination unit can help you to create a bathroom or cloakroom in a space where a separate basin and sink won’t fit. What’s more, a basin and toilet combination unit can help to save on water. Using the water from the basin to fill the cistern, you might even see your water bills reduce!

Other space-saving bathroom ideas

Once you’ve chosen the perfect basin for your space you need to consider how the rest of your bathroom fittings will fit into the space. If you have a cloakroom, there are plenty of space-saving toilets out there, from corner to short projection toilets.

However, if you’re looking to fit out a small bathroom or ensuite there are also plenty of shorter-than-average baths, shower enclosures, and bathroom furniture, perfect for small spaces!

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