Small Cloakroom Ideas

If you’ve got a small unused office or a compact space under the stairs that you’re wondering what to do with, why not create a small cloakroom or even an under-stairs toilet?

Cloakrooms are becoming a must-have in not only new homes but when renovating an older home too. Downstairs toilets are ideal for visitors such as family and friends and especially people like the plumber or electrician to use. The last thing you want is someone traipsing dirt into your beautiful family bathroom.

You may be thinking, how can I fit a toilet into such a small space? Well, wonder no more as this handy guide covers many clever ways to fit everything you need and more, into a small cloakroom!

What type of toilet is best for a cloakroom?

If you have a particularly small space where a standard toilet just won’t fit, then why not consider a wall-hung toilet, a short projection toilet, a back-to-wall toilet, or even a corner toilet? All options take up less space than a standard toilet, making them ideal for smaller spaces such as cloakrooms and ensuites.

Short projection toilet

If you're looking for a small toilet, then a short projection toilet is ideal. This style of toilet doesn’t protrude as much as a standard toilet, helping to create the feeling of more space.

Wall hung toilet

wall-hung toilet has the benefit of being hung at the right height for you and your family, as well as concealing the toilet cistern within the wall. Both of these points make a wall-hung toilet a wonderful space-saving solution.

Back to wall toilet

Much like a wall-hung toilet, a back-to-wall toilet conceals the toilet cistern within the wall, therefore creating additional space in an otherwise small room.

Corner toilet

Corner toilets are the ideal solution for small cloakrooms and bathrooms. With a triangular-shaped cistern, they are designed to fit perfectly into the corner of your room and are ideal for spaces where straight walls are limited.

Toilet with sink on top

Combining both the toilet and basin, a toilet with a sink on top is a wonderful choice for a small room. With this unit, you'll be able to fit in a space where it might ordinarily be impossible to fit a standard basin and toilet.

Another positive is its environmental benefits. Using wastewater from the basin to flush the toilet, this unit is an ideal way of helping to reduce water usage.

Wall hung basins

Making the most of space is essential, that’s why one of the best cloakroom basins is a wall-hung basin.  It's an excellent option when compared to a classic pedestal basin, as it allows for more usable and manoeuvrable space.

Wall-hung basins tend to be smaller than standard basins, making them perfect for smaller spaces. They also come in corner options, making them ideal for use in very small and awkward-shaped bathrooms.

Cloakroom suites

If you're not sure about style, or you're not confident mixing and matching ceramics, then you also have the option to purchase a full cloakroom suite.

A full cloakroom suite tends to include either a standard pedestal or wall-hung basin and a toilet design of your choice. However, some suites come with a vanity unit with a built-in basin instead, providing not only your toilet and basin but useful storage space too.

Cloakroom storage space

If you’re lucky enough to have a cloakroom space large enough for some storage, there are plenty of options available. Whether you're looking for something small to store your perfume and first aid items or a bigger cabinet to store towels and toilet rolls we’ve got you covered.

mirror cabinet not only has the benefits of a standard mirror, helping to brighten the room and bounce light around but it also provides essential storage space for small items, a perfect place to store your first aid essentials.

However, if you’re looking for a larger storage space for items such as towels and toilet rolls then why not consider a small wall-hung vanity unit or even a corner vanity unit if you’re particularly short on space.

Combine your toilet and basin with storage

If you’re looking for a quick solution that provides both your toilet and basin in one but with some additional storage space, then look no further than a toilet and basin furniture unit. This type of unit tends to include a back-to-wall toilet unit and a vanity unit with a basin and storage space.

While the vanity unit might only be small and will also likely conceal the pipework from the basin, it provides plenty of space to store some of your cloakroom essentials out of sight.


If your space is particularly small you may be wondering how to get any natural light into the room. Whether you have a window or not, mirrors can work magic in a small space, bouncing light around the room and creating the feeling of more space.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with options for charging shaversLED lighting, and mirror cabinets, you’re guaranteed to find the best small bathroom mirror for your cloakroom.

How to heat a cloakroom?

Heating such a small room can be difficult but believe it or not there are a few options for heating a cloakroom. One of the main ways is to install a heated towel rail, which would not only keep your towels warm and dry but also help to keep the rest of the room nice and toasty.

However, if you’re able to splash out a little then underfloor heating is a wonderful option as it won’t take up any space in your cloakroom. You might be thinking how can I afford underfloor heating? Well, underfloor heating doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think, starting from around £80 for a small room, loose wire underfloor heating can be fitted without digging up the floor or pouring concrete as it simply fits underneath your choice of flooring.

This does mean, however, that any flooring you currently have will still need to be removed in order to install the new heating system.

If you feel like neither of these options suits your needs then if you have enough space, a classic radiator can also work. However, if you have your heart set on a radiator but don’t have enough space for a classic horizontal design, why not choose a more modern-looking vertical radiator?

What type of lighting is best for a cloakroom?

Choosing the right lighting for a small cloakroom can be difficult, especially in one without windows, as you will likely need the light on during the day as well as at night. Spotlights are an excellent choice as you can place them in the most used spaces or in the middle of the room to give the best lighting possible. They also take up less space and look less bulky than many other bathroom ceiling lights.

Another way to introduce lighting into a cloakroom is through an LED-lit bathroom mirror or mirror cabinet, which would help to provide direct light over the sink, for washing your hands, applying make-up, or general preening.

How to add colour to a cloakroom?

Adding colour to a small space will help to make it feel more inviting, especially so, in a cloakroom without a window. These days people are getting more creative with the colours used in bathrooms and cloakrooms, with bright floral wallpaper, jazzy painted spots and stripes, and brightly coloured wall tiles, so why not have a go yourself?

If you’re not confident in choosing coloured tiles or patterned wallpaper, why not brighten up your cloakroom with some colourful accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, and even your towels? It’s amazing what a small pop of colour can do to make a small room like a cloakroom less claustrophobic and more inviting!

In the end, the design of your small cloakroom is going to come down to two main things: the size of the room and your budget. However, it's always good to remember, that no matter size or budget, there's always a way to add a touch of personality to what can be a plain and even clinical-looking space.

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