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Just look at the pages of any home interiors magazine or any Pinterest board and you’ll see that the monochrome bathroom trend – which is a black and white bathroom design scheme – is everywhere. A black and white bathroom is simple, easy to live with, doesn't date as quickly as going with the latest colour trends, and is one of the easiest concepts to pull off effectively. In the bathroom, where few of us have the budget for a complete makeover every year or so, monochrome is the ideal trend to consider.

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  1. Showers and taps
  2. Bathroom Accessories
  3. Tiles and Wall Panels
  4. Toilet and Basin
  5. Bath Panels
  6. Bath Screens
  7. Mirrors
  8. Heated Towel Rails
  9. Decor and More

Showers and taps

When looking at monochrome bathroom ideas, a good place to start is with showers and taps. They are some of the most important items in your bathroom, so why not make these a feature? Kiss chrome goodbye and choose a stylish matt black finish! The matt black finish contrasts beautifully against white tiles and sanitaryware and is sure to make a big impression.

For more helpful information on what to choose, read our helpful blog... Black Taps & Showers Trend

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are the ideal way to make your bathroom black and white, making it look well-finished and refined - as well as serving very practical purposes! Accessories are great for improving your bathroom storage space, adding to your aesthetics or making your daily life easier.

Accessories are the easiest way to create monochrome bathrooms. With many matt black pieces available, black accessories will create a stylish contrast against white tiles and sanitaryware.


What accessories can I get?

Toilet roll holders

Toilet brushes

Soap dish / soap dispensers

Towel rails / towel rings

Robe hooks

Waste bins

Toilet seats

If you’ve opted for a standard white gloss toilet pan, then a black toilet seat would contrast beautifully. It’s the small details that make a real difference with a monochrome bathroom design!

Tiles and wall panels


Let's talk about decorating a black and white bathroom. White bathroom tiles, white bathroom suites, and white walls can all be a bit basic and overwhelming, so think about the other half of the monochrome look by choosing darker tiles for your floors or walls for a perfect black and white tiled bathroom. Shiny black tiles on the bathroom floor can look very luxurious and expensive, but can also be difficult to keep clean, so a matt tile is probably a better choice. Tiles come in shades of dark grey through to black, so whatever your tastes there will be something to suit!

Wall panels are a great way of creating a feature in your bath or shower area. The large patterned waterproof panels are easy to install and come in a large variety of designs and colours.

Tiles come in multiple shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose how you’d like them to look and how you want them positioned.

Toilet and basin


The good news is that you can find a huge range of white bathroom suites at Plumbworld. But here you have a choice – the more common option is to choose a black vanity and toilet unit with a white basin and pan, but why not switch things up? There are now stylish black basins and pans on the market that can make a striking feature when paired with a bright white unit (and even a black handle to match!). You can even accessorise with a sleek black toilet seat for a black and white toilet. If your black and white toilet ideas stretch even further, ditch the traditional white pan and buy a black toilet.

Bath panels


When it comes to your bath, there are other ways you can add a touch of classy black and white bathroom decor other than just your shower and taps. You can opt for a black bath panel to contrast against the glossy white finish of your bath, creating a new feature all by itself by creating personalised black and white bathroom suites.

Bath screens


Your bath screen is another fantastic way to continue your monochrome mood in your bathroom. Black framed bath screens are incredibly popular - no black and white bathrooms ideas Pinterest board is without one - featuring multiple different styles to choose from simple frames to grid designs.



Your bathroom mirror can really create a focal point in your bathroom, especially when choosing LED lighting and stylish shapes that add to your aesthetic. Available with different coloured frames, a black framed mirror would look stunning against white walls and tiles, creating a bold contrasting feature that is sure to impress. A mirror can be particularly useful when considering black and white small bathroom ideas too, reflecting light of the white walls.

Heated towel rails


Heated towel rails are a popular choice for today's modern small black and white bathroom, as they keep your bathroom toasty and warm whilst giving you a handy place to hang your towels (and keep them warm too!). Towel radiators come in a variety of colours including black AND white – so the choice is yours!

Décor and more

Towels, wall art and ornaments can be used to give a personalised feel to your bathroom and again, it’s very easy to stick to monochrome for these too. However, when thinking about what colours go with black and white tile bathrooms, you can't go wrong with using brightly coloured towels or pictures which give you the opportunity to inject a bit of colour. This is also a cheap and quick way of changing the colours you use in your bathroom rather than having to paint the walls a different colour or replace the bathroom suite. If you prefer to keep everything black and white, the fact that monochrome is so popular means you won't struggle to find things in the shops which will go perfectly in your bathroom.


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