Shower Room Ideas For Small Spaces


Creating the perfect shower room in a small space might seem daunting but this handy guide shares plenty of clever ideas to help you to create your dream shower room in a small space.

Small shower enclosures


Shower enclosures come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, potentially making it difficult to make a decision on the best enclosure for your small space. One of the best options for a small space is a square shower enclosure with sliding or bi-fold doors. A square shower enclosure can easily be installed in the corner of your shower room with bifold or sliding doors, creating a wonderful shower area without taking up any unnecessary space.

However, if you feel your space is too small for a shower enclosure then you might consider creating a wet room. Wet rooms are perfect for smaller spaces and ideal for the elderly and those with mobility issues.

To create a wet room there are a few areas that you need to consider, such as the positioning of the shower in a place that can aid water drainage, while any potential splash zones (areas that could get splashed with excess water when showering) should also be well-thought-out as the last thing you want it soggy toilet paper or a damp towel.

For more information on wet rooms see our guide on Small Wet Room Ideas

Clever storage for shower rooms


No matter how small your shower room or bathroom is, storage is still important. When looking for storage for a small space it’s essential to make sure it’s big enough to store everything you need it too, without choosing something that overpowers the room.

Vanity units are available in a variety of sizes and designs and are a great way to incorporate practical storage into a small shower room.

Countertop vanity units feature a wonderful amount of storage space as well as practical counter space, perfect for fitting a countertop basin.

Another option is a wall-hung vanity unit with a built-in basin. Wall hung units, help to create the feeling of space is a small room by opening up floor space. Not only this but they also provide a wonderful basin and practical storage space too, what more could you want?

Mirrors for shower rooms


When you’re faced with a small shower room, you need to do everything possible to help create the feeling of space. That’s why a mirror or multiple mirrors are essential. Not only are mirrors useful for everyday tasks such as shaving and applying makeup, but they can also help in bouncing both natural and artificial light around the room, making your shower room seem more spacious.

Standard mirrors are perfect for rooms where storage isn't an issue but in a shower room, with a lack of storage, you might consider a mirror cabinet. Mirror cabinets not only provide clever hidden storage but also help to bounce light around the room like a standard mirror, providing a greater feeling of space.

Wall hung basins and toilets


One way to create the feeling of more space in a shower room is to use wall-hung basins and toilets. Even though in some cases the space beneath a wall hung basin or toilet may not be usable, the visible floor space will be enough to make your shower room have a more spacious feeling.

How to heat a shower room?


Heating a shower room is essential to help with drying out items such as towels and clearing up damp and potentially dangerous wet patches on the floor. The two main types of heating used in bathrooms and shower rooms are heated towel rails and underfloor heating.

Heated towel rails are perfect if you live in a busyhousehold with multiple people using your shower room, as you can easily storeyour towels on one towel rail, keeping them warm and dry, ready for their nextuse.

However, if you’re budget can stretch a little further then underfloor heating is the perfect solution for helping to keep your room warm without reducing the space available. Getting out of a lovely warm shower on a cold day isn’t the best feeling but with underfloor heating you can feel just as warm in the shower as out, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom or shower room.

For more information on underfloor heating see our guide to underfloor heating.

Which tiles are best for a shower room?


Decorating any small space can be difficult but when you consider the colours and textures that can help to make your room look larger, you’ll be well on your way to a spacious feeling shower room, no matter the square footage.

Choosing larger and lighter coloured gloss tiles for the walls can really make a difference. For the floor again choosing lighter colour tiles is a must but choosing a diagonal or herringbone layout will also help to create the illusion of more space.

How to keep a shower room mould free?

Small shower rooms are in most cases unlikely to have a window making an extractor fan essential for removing the inevitable build-up of moisture and steam. Enjoying a hot steamy shower comes with its consequences in the form of moisture and steam and if untreated even mould. That’s why choosing the correct extractor fan is one of the most important decisions when designing a small shower room without a window. With a variety of different extractor fans available including inline shower extractor fans, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your shower room.

For more information on extractor fans see our guide covering everything you need to know about bathroom ventilation.

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