7 Small Bathroom Tile Ideas


Finding ways to make your bathroom look larger can be simpler than you think, and bathroom tiles might just be the answer. Simple changes such as the colour and size of the tiles you choose can make a massive difference to the feel of the room. Let's be honest, no one wants their bathroom to feel claustrophobic! So, let's get into it with our 7 bathroom tiles for small bathrooms.

Light coloured tiles


As you might have guessed, light-coloured tiles work well to make a small space feel larger and brighter. If your bathroom currently has dark tiles, making the simple switch to lighter-coloured tiles could make a world of difference to the overall feeling and aesthetic of your bathroom.

If you’re worried about making your bathroom too boring with plain light tiles then worry no more as white, beige, or even light blue or grey tiles paired with a colourful feature wall can give a small bathroom the feeling of more space without a clinical feeling.

Even splashes of colour from towels or bath mats in a lightly tiled bathroom can make a huge difference without impacting the feeling of space in the room.

Small tiles for small areas


When your area is small, consider size is crucial when tiling a bathroom. The size of the tiles you choose for your small bathroom is crucial. Smaller wall tiles are perfect for small areas such as behind a basin (a tile splashback) or on a half-tiled wall but aren’t a great idea for larger areas and where you need tiles fitted from floor to ceiling as this can make your bathroom feel busy and claustrophobic.

One of the on-trend bathroom tile ideas for smaller areas in your bathroom is metro tiles. Whether you decide to use one colour or mix and match multiple to create a beautiful individual pattern, metro tiles are a perfect choice for a small modern bathroom.

Gloss instead of matt


Gloss tiles, unlike matt tiles, are perfect for helping to bounce light around a small bathroom, ensuite, or even a cloakroom, especially when paired with natural light from a window.

In the absence of natural light, a bathroom mirror can help to bounce artificial light off beautiful glossy wall tiles, all helping to give your bathroom a light and fresh feel.

Large tiles for full bathroom coverage


Tiling a large area in a small bathroom isn’t necessarily the best way forward as this can cause your room to look and feel smaller.

However, if you are set on tiling your whole bathroom or even just from floor to ceiling on one wall, then you should consider using larger tiles. When used on a big area, large square or rectangular tiles can help to create the illusion of more space.

Grouting should also be considered when tiling such a big area, and if possible white grouting should be used as this will also help to create an overall more spacious feeling in your small bathroom.

Wall panels instead of tiles?


You've been asking yourself which tiles are best for bathrooms? But, if you want to make the area around your shower or in a shower enclosure splash or waterproof, then why not consider one or two bathroom wall panels, also known as shower wall panels, instead of bathroom wall tiles?

Using one or two large wall panels in the same pattern and finish can help to give your bathroom depth and the feeling of more space, where not all tiles can.

Introduce pattern to your bathroom


If you've been considering how to style tiles in a bathroom, then patterns could be the way to go. Pattern can bring life to an otherwise clinical-looking room such as a bathroom or ensuite, however, in a small bathroom, you should think twice about adding a large amount of pattern.

If you want to include patterns in your bathroom then instead of using a large area of patterned wall tiles, consider using patterned bathroom floor tiles or tiling just a small area behind your basin in a more intricate design. This will give your bathroom a more individual style and allow you to add your personal touch without compromising on the feeling of space.

Luxury in a small space


Just because you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and quality. Luxury can be achieved in any room no matter its shape or size.

One of the easiest ways to create a luxurious feeling in your small bathroom is through the use of marble effect tiles and wall panels. However, they should be used sparingly so they don’t impact the feeling of space in your small bathroom.

Marble effect tiles are a wonderful choice as they scream luxury without going over the top or costing the earth and can be used on either the wall or floor. If you decided to use marble effect tiles on your walls, then consider using them in a small area such as behind the basin, or only tiling halfway up the wall from the floor. This will help to prevent the beautiful tiles from overpowering the whole room.

You can even get wonderful marble effect wall panels if these are your preference, which look wonderful in a shower enclosure.

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