A Complete Guide to Bathroom Suites


If you’re considering updating your bathroom suite, you might need some advice and inspiration. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide taking you through each type of bathroom suite, allowing you to decide on the best suite for your needs.

What is a Bathroom Suite?

A bathroom suite can come in a range of different styles and types, with the most common being a three-piece suite, but you can even purchase six-piece suites, perfect for larger bathrooms. Keep reading for more information on the types of bathroom suites and other questions, such as how much a new suite can cost to purchase and install.

The Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bathroom Suites

Before you buy a new bathroom suite, you’re likely to have questions regarding cost and installation, amongst other things. Keep reading for the answers to frequently asked questions regarding bathroom suites.

How Much is a New Bathroom Suite?


A complete bathroom suite including a shower bath, shower, basin, toilet, taps and other accessories such as a shower screen and wastes can cost around £500 - £1000 depending on the style and quality of suite you choose.

On the other hand, a shower enclosure suite including a shower enclosure, toilet and basin can range from as little as £300 - £600. However, it’s worth noting that most shower enclosure suites tend not to come with a shower tray, taps or waste, therefore, this will increase the cost slightly.

Shower trays can cost around £100 - £400 and basin taps start at around £30 and increase to as much as £300 for a high-quality design. So, make sure to include this in your budget.

If you’re looking for a bathroom suite including a freestanding bath this could set you back more than a standard bath or shower enclosure. You’d be looking at something around the £700 - £900 mark.

How Much is it to Install a Bathroom Suite?


If you’ve fitted a bathroom before or tackled DIY elements like plumbing and electrics, then you might be considering installing your new bathroom suite yourself. However, if you don’t have thorough experience in these areas, it’s best to hire a professional bathroom fitter.

The installation costs of a bathroom suite can vary significantly depending on certain factors. For example, the area you live in, the size of your suite, and the time it will take to complete. If you live in areas such as London or the Southeast for example, you will likely pay more than if you live up north.

How Long Does it Take to Fit a Bathroom Suite?


The time it takes to fit a bathroom suite will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the size of your bathroom, the suite you have chosen, and whether you are starting from scratch or simply replacing like for like.

It can take around 5-10 days for a new bathroom suite to be fitted. However, if you are moving items such as your toilet, shower, or basin to another area in the room, moving the plumbing for this could impact the project completion time.

The Different Types of Bathroom Suites 

From three to six-piece bathroom suites, and plenty in between, you might be wondering which type is best for your needs and what each suite comes complete with. Keep reading for more details on each type, and a rough cost estimate.

What's a 3-piece Bathroom Suite?


A three-piece suite includes a toilet, a basin, and either a bath or a shower enclosure. This type of suite is seen most in smaller family bathrooms and ensuites.

Depending on whether you choose a bath or shower enclosure, a three-piece suite could set you back anywhere from £310 - £550. However, this is the best suite for smaller bathrooms or those on a budget. Shop smart and buy when items are on sale and you could even find a bargain.

What's a 4-piece Bathroom Suite?


Suppose you’re looking for a four-piece bathroom suite, including a separate bath and shower enclosure. In that case, you will typically need to purchase a three-piece suite including either the bath or shower enclosure, and purchase the other separately. This, however, can allow you to be more flexible with design choices and sizes.

Similarly to a three-piece bathroom suite, a four-piece suite costs around £310, but due to the need to purchase an additional bath or shower enclosure, it could cost as much as £2000 depending on the type of bath or shower enclosure you choose.

With individual shower enclosures costing as much as £1000 and luxury freestanding copper baths reaching nearly £4000, the amount you spend depends on your budget and design preferences.

This type of suite is typically found in a family bathroom, accounting for everyone’s bathing needs and tastes.

What's a 5-piece Bathroom Suite?


If you’re looking for that additional touch of luxury in your bathroom, a five-piece bathroom suite, including a second basin or a bidet could be just what you need.

As bathroom suites typically come with a toilet, basin and a bath or shower, you will likely need to purchase a three-piece bathroom suite and add other items such as a second basin, bath/shower, or bidet separately. This can, however, increase the cost of your suite but allows you to get exactly what you need for your dream bathroom.

What's a 6-piece Bathroom Suite?


If you have a large bathroom or want to go all out with your bathroom suite, then a six-piece suite is the one for you. In most cases, a six-piece suite contains a toilet, a basin, a bath, a separate shower enclosure, a second basin and shower, or a bidet. You could even create a luxury ensuite with this type of bathroom suite due to the potential to include twin basins and showers.

If you choose to include two showers, this doesn’t need to involve two separate shower enclosures, this could be one large walk-in shower enclosure, featuring two luxurious shower heads with plenty of space for two.

Other Types of Bathroom Suite


Another popular bathroom suite we haven’t mentioned yet, is a cloakroom suite, typically including a simple pedestal basin and close-coupled toilet. This tends to be the type of suite you see downstairs, in your downstairs toilet, otherwise known as a cloakroom or guest toilet.

A cloakroom suite might be one of the easiest suites to install, but if you’re working with a blank canvas, you may need to reroute pipework and plumbing to make the room functional. This could increase costs significantly.

However, if you’re replacing like for like from a pre-existing cloakroom, this can cost around £130 - £380 depending on the quality of the toilet and basin you use. But don’t forget other costs such as installation, flooring or tiling if these are being refreshed too.

How to Remove a Bathroom Suite

If you’re considering replacing your current bathroom suite, you might wonder if it’s possible to remove it yourself. While possible, we wouldn’t recommend carrying the task out yourself unless you have previous experience fitting or removing bathroom suites. This is due to the potential of damaging water connections and pipework, which could create a much bigger job for a professional to fix.

For more information on how to remove a bathroom suite, take a look at the following post – How to Dismantle a Bathroom.

Plumbworld Bathroom Suites 


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