2024 Bathroom Trends


If you’re looking to give your bathroom a lift in time for the new year, then our top design trends for 2024 might just come in handy. From sustainability and minimalism to at-home spas, there’s a 2024 bathroom trend suited to everyone.


Looking after our environment has become a massive topic of conversation over recent years with ways of living sustainably at the forefront. This makes 2024 the perfect time to consider the way we live and if we can make our bathrooms more sustainable.

One fantastic way to cut down on our daily water usage is with a dual flush toilet. While traditional toilet flushes only offer one flush speed, a dual flush toilet offers two different power options. A small flush and a large flush depending on your needs.


You could even opt for a toilet and basin combination unit, as this is a great way to recycle water.

Water-saving showers are set to be a big bathroom trend in 2024 so now’s the time to get yours. There are plenty of eco showers on the market, for example, hansgrohe’s range of EcoSmart showers which consume up to 60% less water than standard showers, by limiting the flow of water without affecting your overall showering experience.


Shower curtains are out, and shower screens are in. If you’re looking to create a more sustainable bathroom then an upgrade from a traditional shower curtain to a contemporary shower screen is a great solution. Not only a more stylish option but a more sustainable answer too. If you currently have a shower curtain, just think how many times you’ve had to replace it in recent years, or how many times it’s been through the washing machine. If you were to make the switch to a glass shower screen you could save energy and even money.

Reclaimed furniture and flooring are set to be massive trends for 2024, and tie in perfectly with sustainable bathroom solutions too. Instead of buying brand new, many people are investing in pre-loved items such as vanity units and bathroom cabinets with the intention of upcycling.

Another way to increase sustainability in your bathroom is through your heating. To keep your bathroom heating solutions sustainable, did you know underfloor heating can be around 25% more efficient than traditional radiators and heated towel rails.

House plants


House plants have become increasingly popular in recent years so it’s no surprise they’re set to be a 2024-bathroom trend. Not only do they add a touch of nature to an otherwise potentially plain space, but some even provide a wonderful air purifying effect.

Adding a touch of nature to your bathroom has never been easier, with so many house plants to choose from. From spider plants and aloe vera to orchids and peace lilies, there’s something for every bathroom. Some might even help to keep control of the humidity in your bathroom. For example, Gardeners World says the peace lily thrives in high humidity.

According to Houzz 2023 trend report, three in five homeowners include plants in their bathroom renovations. Maybe 2024 is the time to start following the crowd and fill your bathroom with a selection of gorgeous house plants.

Home spa


With a big focus on mental health in recent years, we predict home spas are going to be a big 2024 bathroom trend. With work and family life hectic for most, that precious time to relax in the bath or shower is essential. Whether you prefer an energising shower or a relaxing soak in the bath, there are plenty of ways to create your very own at-home spa in 2024. 

If you’re looking for the experience of a hot tub in your own home, then look no further than a Whirlpool bath. With powerful but relaxing water jets and steady temperature control, there’s no need to worry about your bath ever going cold.

Shower upgrades, whether that be to a smart shower or simply a larger shower head are set to be popular in the coming year. We don’t know about you but a relaxing shower after a long day is certainly at the top of our list.

According to Houzz’s 2023 bathroom trends study, almost three-quarters of homeowners upgraded their shower, with more than two-thirds increasing their shower size during renovations.


Curved design countertop basins are also a trend to highlight for 2024. Creating a natural relaxed feel, a neutral curved countertop basin and elegant high-rise or wall-mounted tap, are sure to create a luxurious spa effect in your bathroom.

Statement tiles


Creating a statement in your bathroom can be as straightforward as choosing gorgeous, patterned tiles. If you’re looking to provide a standout feature in your bathroom then statement tiles are perfect, especially bold geometric designs. You can even go all out and tile your walls and floors in two separate patterns.  

Fluted features


Fluted furniture, glass, and ceramics are set to be a big 2024-bathroom trend. Not only do they scream luxury and elegance, but fluted items can also add a much-needed touch of texture to an otherwise potentially plain and texture-less space.

Elegant freestanding baths


Elegant freestanding baths are here to stay. The freestanding bath has increased in popularity in recent years, and we don’t expect that to change. That’s why we’re predicting freestanding baths to be a top 2024 bathroom trend.

From traditional copper to gorgeous contemporary designs and even bold colours there’s a freestanding bath for all bathroom designs, even magenta!

High tech

Technology is set to be at the forefront for bathrooms in 2024. With smart tech and appliances increasing in popularity it’s no surprise that bathroom tech is on the rise too. One of the main smart bathroom trends for 2024 will be smart showers.

With the ability to control your shower from your phone, preset settings, and temperatures for the whole household while potentially saving water and energy, why would you say no to a smart shower?

According to the eco experts, a smart, water-efficient shower head can save you £70 every year on gas, and around £115 on water bills. That’s a total annual saving of around £185 per year.

In a smart home survey carried out by YouGov, 38% of people said the most appealing feature of smart appliances was their ability to make life easier, while 12% said the most appealing feature was, that they are more environmentally friendly. As a smart shower has the ability to save water, energy, and time they tick both of the boxes mentioned above.


A trend that we don’t see going out of style and time soon is minimalism. Simplicity and sleek smooth lines have been around for many years and while traditional bathrooms are also coming back into fashion, we don’t see minimalism going anywhere anytime soon.

Minimalism doesn’t always mean boring and basic designs; you can create a gorgeous minimalist bathroom even with a touch of colour. If you’re thinking of turning your bathroom into a minimalist sanctuary, nothing is stopping you from adding a touch of brushed brass, gold or even black, but not all at once.

Cambridge Dictionary describes minimalism as a style in art, design, and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only very simple shapes or forms.

Statement lighting


If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom in 2024 then statement lighting is the way to go.

From luxurious chandeliers to dramatic spotlights and glamorous matching wall lights there are plenty of styles to choose from. Matching wall lights are perfect for creating both ambient lighting and a beautiful statement feature on either side of a luxury bathroom mirror.



Black and white, or monochrome is a trend that’s here to stay and a particularly popular bathroom trend for 2024. No matter how you add a touch of black to your bathroom, matt black has been increasing in popularity over recent months.

From matt black taps and showers to heated towel rails and basins there are plenty of ways to incorporate it within your bathroom, ensuite, or even downstairs toilet.


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