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Bathroom Mirror Styles & Trends

When it comes to bathrooms, mirrors play an underrated role in the feel, appearance and design of the space.

We’ve already discussed a complete buying guide to bathroom mirrors, but what about style and the best type for your bathroom decor? Size and design, they are all important when looking to refresh your bathroom - so you’ll need a style guide.

So, Plumbworld is here to help with our design inspiration. We’ve got some of the most popular bathroom designs and matched the ideal mirrors to them. Large or small space, you can start overhauling your bathroom in easy steps.

Read on to find which mirror and trend is perfect for your bathroom decor…

What are the types of bathroom mirrors?

bathroom mirror types

Bathroom vanity mirrors are split into five distinct types to fit every space and budget available.

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The bathroom mirror types, available at Plumbworld, are:

Aside from what you see in shops, you can also find mirrors that stretch from floor to ceiling - excellent for giving the illusion of more space. There are also wall-to-wall mirrors that do the same and are particularly handy for bathrooms with twin basins.

Non-Bathroom Mirrors in Your Bathroom

Yes, you can do this - depending on what’s in your bathroom. If, for example, it’s an en-suite bathroom with mainly basins and no shower, you could bring any type of mirror into the bathroom.

In light of this, there are lots of trends you can choose from for bathroom mirrors...

Art Deco

art deco bathroom mirrors

Whatever the size of your bathroom, if you are after a bathroom mirror to add instant style to your classical decor, an art deco wall mirror is ideal.

Art deco bathroom mirrors are glamorous, ornate and functional. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or to face the world on a Monday morning, art deco mirrors provide a touch of class and on-trend design for every space.

These mirrors will make your look more expensive than it is and can feature bevelled edges to reflect light around the room beautifully. They work particularly well with marble basins, wall tiles and panels - of marble-effect.


minimalist bathroom mirrors

Minimalism is always on-trend whatever the season, year or decade thanks to its clean lines whether the mirror is large or small. 

Streamlined vanity mirrors will always complement a contemporary bathroom style that features counter-top basins. They can feature a black edge and are often best with curved corners for an even more scaled-back design.

You can take the minimalist approach a stage further with a frameless mirror that can pick out and double up your bathroom’s best features, such as lighting. A frameless, floor-to-ceiling mirror will also add enhanced depth and style to small bathrooms.

Metal Frames

metal framed bathroom mirrors

Whatever the shape of the mirror you choose, a metallic edged frame can immediately lift the design of your basin and bathroom. 

Metallic frames will, often, work best with traditional bathroom decor. A gold-framed finish will give your mirror an antique, timeless feel. These work well with pink, rose or white bathrooms and contrast well with vintage-styled taps. 

A silver metallic frame can work well for bathrooms that feature subway tiles. They’re not as bold as gold frames but are no less striking. Elegant and chic, they contrast well with black, grey and white colour themes or tiles.

Vintage & Rustic

vintage bathroom mirrors

If a metallic finish is too bold for your bathroom design, try the natural look with a vintage, wood-framed mirror.

The wooden finish removes any potential ostentatiousness from metallic frames. When paired with other natural design touches, they create a soothing, relaxing space. The added benefit is that you can paint them to match your decor.

Endlessly stylish, rustic mirrors will make getting ready a dream by adding a contrasting, retro dimension to the room. These mirrors work wonderfully with bronze-coloured fixtures, such as taps and washstand basins.

Shapely Style

curved bathroom mirrors

You may have looked around already for a mirror and found most are rectangular, circular or square in shape. What about more curves? 

Most mirrors are function over form but you can inject some curves into your space with a shaped mirror. These contemporary designs add flow into your bathroom, and the shape could even match another fixture or tile design. 

Hearts, pebbles, a custom design with gentle curves or try the geometric shape for the latest trend. These mirrors can go with any bathroom decor and work especially well in a modern chic space - framed or unframed.

Corner Cutting

corner bathroom mirrors

If you have saved space by putting a basin in the corner, don’t try and facilitate one tiny mirror, double up with folded corner mirrors.

Bathrooms can be awkward spaces, they come in all shapes and sizes. More often than not, they’re usually the smallest room in the house with wall space at a premium. So, let the mirror do the hard work by giving the appearance that it’s folded into the corner.

You can place identical mirrors together in a corner to neatly maximise space and provide a great-looking fixture from all angles. You could make it stand out even more by using a strong colour to complement your other bathroom fittings.

Full Length & Tiles

full length and wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall mirrors are great for enhancing space, playing tricks on your eyes. Ideal for small bathrooms, they work just as well in larger rooms, too.

A full-length mirror is perfect for getting ready and space-boosting. They can be fixed to your wall or fitted on the back of the door to save space. You can even try a free-standing mirror to add character to your bathroom design, especially for more art deco or vintage style.

But there is another option you can have in your bathroom. Mirrored tiles are a versatile and alternative option to traditional mirrors. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, from small mosaics to large hexagonal tiles. They can instantly add glamour to any space.

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