What are the Different Types of Bathroom Mirror?

A bathroom mirror is one of the main items your bathroom simply can’t do without, along with the basin, shower, and bath. Your bathroom is simply incomplete without it.

Traditionally, your bathroom mirror would be positioned directly above your basin, however, this is not always possible owing to the layout of your room. As a result, you may have to position your mirror elsewhere or incorporate it into a cabinet.

Whichever type you choose, a mirror is essential to a bathroom, whether it’s for applying your makeup, checking for toothpaste, or making a final adjustment to your hair when heading out. Keep reading to find out which type of mirror best suits your needs.

Why do I need a bathroom mirror?

A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror, and it serves multiple purposes beyond helping you look your best or set you up for the day ahead.

A bathroom mirror can also play its part in making your bathroom appear larger by reflecting the light and space around. This forms an optical illusion of extending your bathroom and provides more natural light, thereby making the space look bigger.

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Moving on from this, though, can you imagine not having a mirror? It helps when brushing your teeth, having a wash, and fixing your hair. It’s vital to every bathroom.

Can I use a regular mirror in the bathroom?

You can, however, it depends on how often your bathroom is used and how much steam or humidity is created during daily use.

Bathrooms, particularly those with a shower, will be humid and develop a considerable amount of steam which can damage a mirror over time if it is not moisture-resistant. When used in a bathroom, the frame of a regular mirror can deteriorate along with the mirror itself.

What size should a bathroom mirror be?

When choosing a bathroom mirror, it is important to consider function as well as proportions. This will provide balance to your bathroom and avoid an over or undersized mirror.

If the mirror is to be positioned above your sink or vanity unit, the general rule is that it should not be wider than the unit. When buying a vanity unit, consider purchasing your mirror at the same time so it is tailored to match the sink.

An alternative, if you are buying a mirror at a different time to the unit, is to buy a mirror that is roughly 80% the width of your vanity unit or basin.

For the height of a mirror, if it is to go above a vanity unit, you should consider the height of those who will be using it. Your mirror should be a few feet in height - one foot above and below the eyeline of those who will be using it, ideally.

However, if you choose a large bathroom mirror, this will provide more viewing angles and give the room the feeling of more space.

What are the types of bathroom mirror?

The bathroom mirror types are:

Read on to find out about each type of bathroom mirror…

Bathroom wall mirrors

Bathroom wall mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though the two most popular styles are rectangular and round mirrors.

They are the more basic option for mirrors in the bathroom. However, wall mirrors are easy to install, with their own instructions and plenty of options to match every type of decor thanks to their universal designs.

Rectangular and round mirrors are the most in-demand and on-trend styles available with frames, beveled or polished edges. Some are even available with LED backlighting. This variety makes them a perfect option for all budgets.

Single or double mirrors?

With wall-hung bathroom mirrors, you have the option of doubling-up on your vanity mirrors.

This is ideal if you have a double basin or vanity cabinet for a ‘his and her’ sinks, as this allows you to hang a mirror above each basin. Alternatively, a single wide mirror will also work well, however, two narrow mirrors will give the illusion of more vertical space.

Multiple mirrors will even work if you just have the single basin but a large vanity unit. If the basin is over to one side, adding a second mirror will make it look more balanced.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors

Illuminated bathroom mirrors come with LED lights built into the mirror that can illuminate the entire bathroom and even mimic natural daylight.

Lights are positioned around the sides or the top of the mirror, to provide perfect lighting for tasks such as shaving and applying makeup. Using LED lighting is much more efficient than standard lighting and therefore, will help to keep costs down.

Illuminated mirrors are available in two designs: as a plug-in for mains electricity or with a battery pack. They are especially useful in bathrooms that do not have a window or source of natural light - such as those built into an extension. The light illuminated mirrors emit is similar to natural light, therefore creating a bright space.

Many illuminated bathroom mirrors also feature a handy auto-demisting technology, which is particularly handy on a cold day when a steamy shower is preventing you from seeing in your mirror. No longer do you have to wipe the mirror down with a towel; built-in demister pads eliminate large patches of steam on your mirror, allowing you to get on with your daily routine.

Bluetooth bathroom mirrors

Cassellie LED Illuminated Multicolour Mirror With Demister, Bluetooth & Speakers

Bluetooth bathroom mirrors reflect the modern times we live in by providing the ability to sync your phone or music device to it.

Like an illuminated mirror, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are fitted with LED lighting to mimic natural light. However, Bluetooth vanity mirrors go one step further on the technology route by allowing you to play your favourite songs any time of the day or night without the device getting wet.

Some Bluetooth mirrors even come with a digital clock to ensure you’re never late, while they are wired straight into your mains electrical system. This ensures you don’t have to worry about installing, or replacing the light bulbs regularly due to the efficiency of LED lighting.

Like illuminated bathroom mirrors, Bluetooth mirrors can also include an auto-demisting feature. If you find you can’t see yourself in the mirror after a shower, a built-in demister pad will eliminate patches of steam on your mirror, meaning constantly wiping it down will be a thing of the past.

Bathroom mirrors with shaving sockets

If you’re after a true, multi-function mirror, a bathroom mirror with a shaving socket may be just what you need.

Bathroom mirrors with shaving sockets feature a clever integrated socket, allowing you to charge your shaver or even a toothbrush.

It’s essential that all plug sockets meet industry safety standards, and this is especially true in a wet environment like a bathroom. That’s why our range of bathroom mirrors that feature a shaving socket have an IP safety rating of IP44, meaning they have been fully tested to ensure complete safety anywhere that might pose a water spray risk.

Some of the vanity mirrors with sockets also include an auto-demisting feature. This technology ensures that a built-in demister pad will remove patches of steam on your mirror following a shower or hot water usage.

Bathroom mirror cabinets

A bathroom mirror cabinet, takes multi-functional to another level, combining valuable shelf space, storage, and a mirror into a single design.

Remember to choose a larger mirror cabinet if you want your bathroom to appear brighter. More storage space and a large mirror in one, what more could you want?

Bathroom mirrors with shelves

If your bathroom doesn't have the depth for a mirror cabinet but you need a bit of extra storage space then why not consider a bathroom mirror with a shelf? With the same practicalities as a standard bathroom mirror but the addition of a handy shelf for items such as soap or your toothbrush, you really can't go wrong.

Where do you hang a bathroom mirror?

Conventional may state that a bathroom mirror should be positioned above your vanity unit or basin but this isn't always possible for a variety of reasons, such as a window being immediately behind your basin. In a situation like this placing your bathroom mirror to the side of your basin if in a corner, or on an opposite wall may be the way forward.

A positioning you may not have thought about is over your bath. Now if you have a standard shower bath this is likely to be impractical, however, positioning a landscape mirror over a stylish freestanding bath can create a real statement feature in your bathroom. Used almost like a painting, a mirror over the bath can give off the same classic feel as a piece of wall art above your fireplace.

Another thing to consider is making sure your wall can take the weight of the mirror, as the last thing you want is the mirror to fall or even the wall to crumble. You should also ensure there are no pipes or wiring immediately behind your desired position. If you are installing a mirror that has an electrical socket that plugs into the mains, it may be best to get a professional.

You should be aware of a bathroom’s zones when fitting a mirror, which are explained below:

  • Zone 1: the area directly above Zone 0 - your bath, basin or shower - limited vertically to 2.25m above the bottom of the bath or shower. Zone 1 does not include Zone 0.
  • Zone 2: is the same height as Zone 1 - 2.25m - extended to 0.6m around the bath, basin or shower, vertically and horizontally.
  • Zone 3: This is the area that doesn’t fall under any other zones, basically, the ‘safer’ parts of your bathroom.

Anything outside of zones 1 and 2 is safe to install a mirror onto, provided, as mentioned, there are no wires or pipes in this area.

Find out more about bathroom ip ratings here.

How much is a bathroom mirror?

Bathroom mirrors can vary greatly in price, depending on the mirror type and their features, generally ranging from around £20 to £600. Typically, standard wall-hung mirrors will be the cheapest and those with extra features such as LED lighting and Bluetooth are likely to be the most expensive.

No matter what type of mirror you decide on as the best fit for your bathroom, we're sure to stock something suitable for your needs.

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