Top 10 Feng Shui Tips for Your Bathroom

Feng Shui has been around for many, many years, but what about using it in your bathroom? This is something people struggle with as the bathroom doesn't tend to be associated with something like Feng Shui.

Due to the small size and the fact they're usually the filthiest room in the house, it's quite the opposite. We've put together some information and tips on how you can change this view on bathrooms and how you can actually invite Feng Shui into your bathroom.

What is Feng Shui?

So, what does Feng Shui actually mean? The direct translations are "wind" and "water" in Chinese. Feng Shui originates from China and is a traditional way of living (also known as 'Tao'). It involves energy forces, how you connect to your surroundings and promotes positive changes to how you live your life. However, feng shui is not backed by science.

There are 3 main concepts to Feng Shui: Qi, Yin & Yang and Wu Xing.

  • Qi (otherwise known as Chi) determines how you feel in a space, whether it's good energy or not. It is described as a circulating life force and means "air".
  • Yin & Yang is the balance between the good and the bad. Together they symbolise the start of change and complement each other in order to help you improve your life.
  • Wu Xing is made up of five elements - fire, water, wood, metal and earth. These are the elements in the universe that are ongoing and developing around you.

It should be mentioned that Feng Shui is not magic and can not guarantee all the benefits, but is used to change your perspective to pursue a happy and fulfilling life.

The Bagua Map

If you place this Bagua map over the floor plan of your house, it will show you which rooms correspond to the different energies. It is deemed bad energy for a bathroom to be in the centre of the house (uncommon, but can happen) as it isn't peaceful, relaxing or the heart of the home. If your house happens to have this layout, it can't be helped and is unlikely it can be removed, so it is advised to keep the bathroom door shut at all times. It is also negative energy to have a bathroom connected to a bedroom, but for modern houses today, this is a popular and convenient design. This is where visual blocks come in - use curtains or screens to differentiate the two rooms, or again, keep the door closed.


What Changes Can You Make to Your Bathroom? Our Top 10 Tips for You:

1. ‎‎Keeping the toilet lid closed has got to be the easiest thing you can start doing today. I feel like a lot of people are house trained to put the toilet seat down, but every time you flush the toilet, it draws the positive energy down with it. We don't need bad vibes from open drains in our bathroom.


2. A clean bathroom is vital for Feng Shui - you probably do this anyway - but it helps the renewal and purification energies succeed. No matter how small your bathroom is, if it's clean, these energies will flourish. If you're known to neglect cleaning your bathroom, try and make an effort at least once a week - you'll feel better for it!


3. A clutter-free bathroom follows close behind a clean bathroom. Consider using a mirror cabinet to clear away the products you use daily. Clutter disrupts the Qi (airflow) in the bathroom which then reflects negative energy.


4. Colours play a big part in Qi. Blue, green and white are great colours to add to your bathroom. Blue represents cleansing, green represents growth and white represents purity. These colours can be used on the walls or as bathroom accessories like towels, soap, blinds or curtains.


5. Make space for plants in your bathroom. We don't really think about why we do this; maybe it looks nice and is a natural way to add some colour to the room. Putting plants in your bathroom actually started from following Feng Shui as it promotes growth and life, but also purifies the air. Spider plants are one of the favourite bathroom plants to have on the window sill or hung on the wall.


6. Having a well-lit bathroom is key to Feng Shui. Not only does it help the visual of the bathroom (you don't want to walk into a gloomy room) but also helps you check your appearance is presentable before you start your day.

7. Hang art in the bathroom. Natural art such as trees, flowers and landscapes are the perfect imagery as they represent growth. These are best hung above a feature bath or the opposite wall to the shower.

8. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. As mentioned above, airflow is very important in a bathroom. They are usually fairly small rooms in the house so the Qi needs to keep flowing. If you've had an extractor fan for many years, think about upgrading it to improve the air quality in your bathroom.

9. Balance the water with wood and earth elements. Seeing as there's so much running water in the bathroom, it needs to be balanced out with other elements. Adding wood furniture counteracts the imbalance, adding a nice warmth to the room.

10. Position a mirror on the back of the bathroom door. This is thought to keep the good Chi contained in the bathroom by reflecting more light. However, the mirror must not reflect the toilet or cut off peoples heads when they are looking at it.

There is currently no scientific proof that feng shui is real, however, that doesn't mean you can't spruce your home up and give it a tidy following the feng shui method.

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