Easy Upgrade: The Best Kitchen Taps

Are you looking for quick and easy ways to update and upgrade your kitchen? While you could spend a hefty sum of money on updating your kitchen counters or tiles, we have a much easier solution.

Why not give your kitchen sink a mini makeover with some new kitchen taps!

Replacing your kitchen taps is easy to do yourself - or, if you don’t feel like flexing your DIY muscles, can be a relatively cheap job for a plumber.

Read on to find out more about the best way to upgrade your kitchen taps and scroll down to see our recommended products...

Which Kitchen Tap to Buy?

Knowing which kitchen tap to buy can often seem like a challenge when you decide you want to replace them. You might be wondering which style you should go for - or even what all the different style mean!

To help you, here are our answers to our most commonly asked questions…

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What is a monobloc kitchen tap?

A monobloc tap is a common style of tap. As its name suggests, it comprises just one single unit for the water to come out of - this is in contrast to pillar taps, for example, which are two separate units. 

This means that monobloc taps require only one hole in your sink for them to fit through. They can have either two handles for the hot and cold water, or a single mixer lever. 

Monobloc style taps are most common in today’s kitchens as they are much more convenient and fit into kitchen sinks easier.

Monobloc tap vs pillar taps

What is a mixer tap faucet?

Mixer tap faucets are very common in new homes. Rather than being controlled by two separate hot and cold water valves, they have one one mixer valve. The hot and cold water is often controlled by one single lever, which will mix the hot and cold together depending on how far to the left or right you turn it. Sometimes they are more traditional in appearence too, with two separate handles.

Many mixer taps are a type of monobloc style tap, as they operate through one faucet. They also require a higher water pressure than traditional pillar taps, so if you find yours struggle as they are, a mixer tap might not be the best option.

Mixer taps are perfect for kitchens, as you can control the water temperature quickly and easily.

Mixer tap examples

Can I change my pillar taps to mixer taps?

Replacing your kitchen taps with the same style is usually pretty straightforward.

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BUT, what do you do when you want to change your pillar taps to a mixer tap? The biggest issue will probably be your kitchen sink. If you have pillar taps, you will have two holes cut into your sink. Obviously, the monobloc style of many mixer taps means that these will now be unusable!

If you are changing your kitchen pillar taps to a monobloc mixer tap, you are probably going to need to fit a whole new sink, too - this time, with just one hole, cut for your tap.

What Are The Best Kitchen Sink Taps for an Upgrade?

Now you know a little more about the types of kitchen taps, it’s time to take a look at some of the best options for your sink upgrade!

Pull Out Spray Kitchen Taps

If you want a monobloc style tap, why not upgrade to a pull out spray kitchen tap? 

Along with a standard tap function, these come with a moveable spray hose, which you can pull out to quickly rinse dishes, vegetables or your sink. They also have a sleek, modern look that will instantly make your kitchen look more professional!

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Coloured Kitchen Taps

If you really want to make a change to your kitchen taps, you might want to join the coloured tap trend.

If you have a white kitchen sink, gold or copper will look fantastic. They also stand out fantastically against bold granite or marble counter tops.

Black and chrome taps also blend in seamlessly with a granite kitchen sink. Ideal for a more contemporary look, the chrome accents on this mixer tap also make it a stylish partner to stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Traditional Kitchen Taps

Traditional kitchen taps don’t deserve to be left in the past! Whether you like a vintage style kitchen, or just want to keep up a more classic appearance, a new traditional style tap can give your style a lift. 

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