How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tap

Even though the kitchen tap is probably one of the most used items in our homes, few of us put a lot of thought into what sort of tap to choose and end up going with a standard chrome mixer tap.

But this doesn't have to be the case. There are plenty of different options to choose from, just take the time to make sure they're suitable for use with your kitchen sink.

Keep reading to learn the main things to take into account when choosing a new kitchen tap.


Everyone has to consider their budget when buying things for the house and kitchen taps vary massively in price, with some kitchen taps even as expensive as £700.

Cheap and cheerful is not always the best option though, and it is important to consider value for money. A poor-quality tap, although cheap, may not last as long as a better-made, more expensive design.

The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” is particularly relevant when it comes to taps. A mid-range product rather than the cheapest or most expensive is the best starting point for looking for a new kitchen tap. Always look for a product that comes with a guarantee, as this proves that the manufacturer is confident in their product and is prepared to back it for a certain time period.

Kitchen style

A very modern kitchen with clean, simple lines demands a modern tap to match, but that same tap would look very out of place in a traditional country kitchen. Look around places like Pinterest, Instagram, home lifestyle magazines, and websites for design inspiration before taking a look at the Plumbworld website.



We use the tap for so much more than filling the kettle. Think about the other things you use the tap for. Keen foodies might like pull-out spray kitchen taps like those found in a professional kitchen which can be used not only for cleaning food but for washing up pots and pans too. Some people prefer taps that are turned on in a conventional manner; others prefer levers rather than handles.

Whatever your preferences, make sure that your taps are easy to use, and easy to adjust to get the right balance of hot and cold water if you have a mixer tap. Look out for taps with ceramic discs incorporated into the workings, as these are often easier to control than other types of tap.


Again, the choice over the finish you prefer for your taps will be dependent on the finish you have in the rest of the kitchen. A shiny chrome tap is perhaps the most popular choice, but don't avoid a matt tap or even a beautiful gold tap.

Always consider a wide range of taps and look at the various different finishes on the market before making a choice.

Boiling Water Taps


One of the newest products on the market is instant hot or boiling water taps. These let you dispense with the kettle altogether, as you can make a cup of tea with water boiled by the tap.

The tap boils water and stores it under the worktop, releasing it through the tap when you need it. Manufacturers claim that using this sort of system to boil water is cheaper than using a conventional kettle as there is less waste.

Boiling water taps don't need to cost the earth either. You can purchase a fully functioning boiling water tap and tank for as little as £299! There are, however, other models available at a higher price range that also include filtered sparkling water too.

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