Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

So maybe when you decided to get a new bathroom and you took a look at the Plumbworld website you only wanted to buy a basin, bath, shower, or toilet. But you may have been pleasantly surprised to see that your friendly bathroom supplier also offers a range of kitchen sinks, kitchen taps, and state-of-the-art Insinkerator waste disposal units – and at very good prices.

Updating your kitchen may not have been on your agenda to begin with, but the simple addition of a new sink and kitchen taps can really enhance your kitchen and while you are doing the bathroom anyway, it is the perfect time to make a few more home improvement adjustments around the house. You have turned off the water, after all!

So what options are there for you to choose from as the perfect compliment to your bathroom project?

A new kitchen sink

1 Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

A brand new shiny kitchen sink could set you back as little as £40 for a stainless steel option. Some of these have one and a half bowls and a drainer and are very easy to keep clean. You can even opt for a 2.5 bowl sink which is perfect for huge amounts of washing up and rinsing. Most stainless steel kitchen sinks are reversible, so you can decide which side of the sink you prefer the draining board to be. Most people work left to right, but it depends on your kitchen set up and if you are left or right handed.

Other sink types are Belfast sinks which are a very traditional look but they work well in most kitchens. A Belfast sink is a little more pricey, starting at around £170, but they are deeper and larger than average and have a design aspect which you don’t necessarily get with a standard sink.

Ceramic kitchen sinks are all in one moulded units which are usually coloured white, but can be other colours. These are excellent for keeping clean because they do not have any joins and they will not usually become scratched or worn. Once again these ceramic sinks are slightly more expensive at around £130 and more. These sinks are made from a product called Fragranite which looks and behaves very much like ceramic. For the rolls-royce option you can’t beat Franke sinkswith Swiss quality engineering and cutting edge designs.

Kitchen Taps

Grohe Eurosmart

Plumbworld have a huge range of kitchen taps from the standard hot and cold two into one-type tapsto filtered hot water taps and spray units. A standard set of taps will normally set you back around £40 as a minimum, but the prices very quickly rise as you enter the world of taps with a specific purpose or those which are designer in style.

Pull out spray kitchen taps are currently very popular and are perfect for cleaning up around your sink; plus cleaning vegetables and larger pots. These taps start at around £80 and are very flexible and easy to use. Meanwhile, at the very top end of the scale, you can decide to get a steaming hot water tap. This system is connected to a water filter and delivers water suitable for cups of tea and coffee at a moments notice. Or if you prefer it will give cold water which is filtered and tastes delicious. Of course for this privilege you need to be willing to spend in excess of £400.

Insinkerator Kitchen Waste Disposal Units

If you prefer not to send your food scraps into landfill and you do not have a garden which might appreciate your kitchen waste, a waste disposal unit is a great idea. Starting at a very reasonable £90 a waste disposal unit will simply grind up your kitchen food waste before sending it into the waste water outlet of your home. This ensures that your pipes are not blocked and it keeps your home free of smelly kitchen scraps. Insinkerator are the world leader in kitchen waste disposal units.

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