Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage is one of the most asked about issues when it comes to designing or updating a bathroom. Here, expert interior blogger, French for Pineapple, shares the best ways to create a stylish and tidy bathroom…

Incorporating as much storage as possible in a bathroom at the design stage is vital if you want to create a calm sanctuary. It is just as important as tiles and brassware finishes, as without enough storage your bathroom won’t operate as you want it to, or indeed look the way you imagined.

Like it or not, we all have the need for various lotions and potions, headache tablets and other medication, plasters, razors and creams that probably aren’t visually appealing, and these things need a home in your bathroom. Even the prettier things need a place to live too, to avoid a cluttered space.

Clever ways to include storage in a bathroom are vanity units with drawers, shelves and cupboards, mirrored bathroom cabinets above the vanity, oft-forgotten but all-important niches and ledges, and also although not always possible, free-standing bathroom furniture too.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are a great way to take advantage of the space under a basin or basins. A wall-hung vanity that appears to ‘float’ is a brilliant option as they’re not visually heavy in what is often a small room, yet can provide quite a substantial amount of storage.

Either go for drawers or cupboards that allow you to store all your necessities out of sight, or choose one that includes some open shelving too so that you can have some nicely folded or rolled fluffy towels on display.

Bathroom Niches and Shelves

Niches next to a vanity, between bathroom mirrors on a double vanity, in the shower enclosure and beside the bath are all brilliant places to include more storage.

This needs to be planned for in the design stages. Your bathroom fitter will be able to guide you as to where it is and isn’t possible to have them, as placement will most likely be restricted by stud and pipe positions. If you can fit one (or even two!) into your shower enclosure you certainly won’t regret it.

Not having to bend over to pick up the shampoo is a luxury in itself! Make sure you consider the size of the items you would want to keep in there, for example, the height plus a bit extra of the largest shampoo bottle you’re likely to have. Make those niches work for you!

Another option, again to be worked in during the design stage, is a ledge running behind or beside a free-standing bath so that you have somewhere easily within reach to keep your bath products. And of course somewhere to put your glass of fizz and scented candle on a Friday evening.

It’s these details that will elevate your bathroom to luxury status, so don’t overlook them.

Bathroom Cabinets

Moving right along to the hard-working mirrored cabinet, that not only bounces light around the room, making it feel bigger with the mirrored front, but incorporates more storage too.

Depending on size, mirrored cabinets can fit a fair bit in them, and if planned for during the design, can be recessed so they don’t have to protrude out from the wall. Go as large as your space allows for maximum storages and light bouncing properties!

A wildcard in the bathroom storage department is a free-standing unit, and not necessarily something that’s designed for a bathroom.

Think outside the box and look at wood tones, cane, and wicker that are all huge at the moment, and not only will it give you more storage, possibly enabling you to store all your towels and more, but will really give the room the wow factor. Adding texture and warm tones are the perfect foil for the hard surfaces elsewhere in the room.

A few pieces on display, like your favourite skincare products and perfumes (which tend to have nice packaging), can add a touch of glamour to a bathroom, but just don’t go too overboard because that glamour can turn to clutter if you’re not careful!

If you’re tight for floor space, consider something unexpected like a forward-facing wooden plate rack to hold pretty bottles, which looks particularly lovely set against marble (or marble look!) tiles, for a bit of old-school glamour, or some glass shelves with brushed brass brackets, or brass ledges.

And finally, don’t forget the finishing touches like towel rings and robe hooks to ensure that there really is a place for everything.

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