2024 Kitchen Trends


If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen in the new year then now’s the time to take a look at our top 2024 kitchen trends. From the hot topic of sustainability to statement lighting and even outdoor kitchens we’ve got plenty of inspiration for your new year kitchen renovations.



Brass is back for another year, particularly brushed brass. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen without blowing your budget, then a brushed brass tap or fittings such as cabinet door handles are a great way to start. If you want to go all out, you can introduce luxury brass light fittings or even a stylish brass radiator.

Textured tiles


Whether they’re matt, fluted, or gloss, textured tiles are set to be a big 2024 kitchen trend. If you’re looking to completely renovate your kitchen or simply replace your current wall tiles, textured tiles are a great way to go.



A kitchen trend we think will be around for many years is sustainability. Similarly, to bathrooms, there are plenty of ways to create a sustainable kitchen. Keep reading to find out more.

Don’t get a brand-new kitchen just because you don’t like the colour of your current kitchen anymore, paint cupboard doors or simply replace doors instead of whole kitchen units. You could also make small upgrades by switching tired or dated cabinet handles for new ones at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

Taps are a great way to introduce sustainability into your kitchen, for example, hansgrohe’s clever air power feature reduces splashback and excess water wastage, making it a great option if you’re looking to reduce your water usage.

Another way to reduce water usage and electricity is by replacing your standard kettle with a stylish boiling water tap. Checkatrade states on average, that it costs 14p a day in energy costs and 3p per boil for a kettle, therefore, a boiling water tap has the potential to save money if you usually boil a full kettle regularly.

Food waste is a big issue but one that can be solved in a more sustainable manner. Instead of throwing food scraps straight into the bin or even washing them down the sink, a food waste disposal unit is a great option. For further information on disposing of food waste sustainably take a look at e-on’s article on how cutting back on food waste can save energy.

If you're looking for more information on waste disposal units take a look at our Kitchen Waste Disposal Buying Guide.

Old and new, if you’re looking to update areas of your kitchen with sustainability in mind, pre-loved furniture and kitchen sinks are a great way to start. Whether it’s a family hand-me-down or a vintage item bought online, there are plenty of ways to reuse and update pre-existing furniture instead of purchasing brand new.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce wasted energy in your kitchen, switching to a smart lighting system or even just upgrading from old filament bulbs to LED ones could save a lot of money.

Smart lighting systems allow you to turn lights off with the touch of a button on your phone, no matter where you are. If you go out, or if you’ve settled into bed for the night and forgotten to turn the kitchen light off you can do this remotely from your phone. Simple as that.

Statement lighting


Statement lighting and light fixtures are set to be a top trend for the coming year. From chandeliers and pendant lights to spectacular spotlights, 2024 is the time to make a statement with your kitchen lighting.

Lighting doesn’t just have to serve the purpose of helping us to see, it can also create a gorgeous statement feature, in any space. If you have a kitchen diner, for example, you could add a gorgeous pendant fixture over your kitchen table or island. However, if you’re not looking to change your light fixtures, perhaps you could upgrade your current light switches to classy gold, brushed brass, or even black options.

Statement cooker hoods


If you want to turn heads in your kitchen, then a statement cooker hood is a brilliant option. Not only do we predict statement cooker hoods to be the next big trend for 2024, but they can also add a beautiful statement feature to any kitchen.

You could splash out a contemporary cylindrical cooker hood or even go all out and create a beautiful traditional style hood that would fit in perfectly with a farmhouse style kitchen. Now, neither option is likely to be cheap but if you’re looking to complete a full kitchen renovation on a larger budget these are fantastic options to add that extra touch of style to the space.

Outdoor kitchens


You know the good old saying, bring the outdoors in, well there’s nothing stopping you from taking the indoors outside. With an increase in outdoor entertaining over recent years, outdoor kitchens have also seen an increase in popularity, making them one of our 2024 kitchen trends.

From simple BBQ and pizza ovens to outdoor kitchens complete with kitchen sink, tap, and cabinet space, you can create a gorgeous practical space on any budget.

House plants


Following on from outside kitchens, house plants are also set to be a continued kitchen trend in the coming year. Not only do house plants look good but if you choose the right plants they can also come in handy. For example, if you’re looking for a something that can also be used in cooking, herbs such as Basil, Rosemary or Parsley are ideal.

Herbs, however, aren’t the only option if you want to add some greenery to your kitchen. Standard house plants such as the Peace lily, a Snake plant, or a Spider plant are also a good fit for the kitchen.



If you’re introducing colour into your kitchen it doesn’t have to be bright, but it can be bold. A touch of colour in the kitchen, whether that be through kitchen cabinets, wall tiles, splashbacks or simply kitchen appliances can make a huge difference to a kitchen. If you’re not careful kitchens can become a cold and uninviting space, especially where grey or white cabinets are used.

Now if you have a grey or white kitchen and you’re looking to add some colour there are plenty of ways to do this, even if you’re on a tight budget. Painting old or plain kitchen cabinets is a great way to start to add some colour whether that be a light shade of pistachio green, a rich blue or a warm burgundy. These are some of the colour we predict to be big for kitchen’s in 2024.

If painting kitchen cabinets isn’t for you, another fantastic way to add colour to your kitchen is through a coloured splashback. Now most of us are probably only used to seeing splash backs behind a kitchen sink or a kitchen hob but they don’t have to stop there. Splashbacks are a great alternative to kitchen wall tiles and can even be easier to maintain, especially as they don’t need grout unlike tiles.

Kitchen appliances and accessories are a great way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen in 2024 if your budget is on the smaller side. From toasters and kettles to vases, tea towels, and other small accessories adding colour to your kitchen in 2024 could cost as little as £20 - £50 (based on small accessories like tea towels and vases).

Open plan kitchen


Open plan kitchen diners or family rooms have seen a rise in popularity over recent years, with the kitchen becoming the hub of the home. From family dinners and game nights to a space to work from home the humble kitchen table has certainly seen an increase in activity, and that’s why we predict open plan family kitchens to be big in 2024.

Tea & coffee stations


Not only for ease but aesthetic touch too, tea, coffee, and even hot chocolate stations in the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular and that’s why we predict them to be a top trend next year.

Whether you include a coffee maker or keep it simple with a kettle, or boiling water tap you can easily create a tea and coffee station or nook in your kitchen in 2024.

Smart tech


Now smart tech isn’t a trend we’re likely to see the back of anytime soon and we expect it to increase in popularity in 2024. Smart tech has made a big appearance over recent years, especially in the kitchen. From smart ovens, hobs and fridge freezers to smart lighting and smart kitchen heating systems you really can go all out with your new smart kitchen.

Some smart kitchen tech, such as smart fridges, can even carry out all the tasks a phone or tablet would, plus more! Allowing you to plan your weekly meals, answer the phone, watch a TV show, or see who’s at your front door when connected with a smart doorbell. What more could you wish for?

Open shelving


Another kitchen trend that has increased in popularity over recent years is open shelving and we predict it to stay around for many years to come.

Kitchen shelving has slowly been replacing upper kitchen cabinets in many homes over recent years, allowing space to showcase ornaments, or even just creating a more accessible space for regularly used kitchen utensils, bowls, recipe books, and much more.

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