Bath Shower Screen Buying Guide

If you're looking to install a shower over your existing bath or perhaps thinking of installing a new shower bath then you'll also need to consider a shower screen.

Shower screens are the 21st-century version of the humble shower curtain but with much more style. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles allowing you to choose the perfect match for your space. But what exactly are they and why are they popular?

Read on to discover more about shower and bath screens, including how to install one…

What are bath shower screens?

While shower curtains certainly are handy and cost-effective, if you want to add a little more style to your bathroom, bath shower screens are a wonderful alternative.

Over bath shower screens do exactly the same job as a shower curtain - keeping your bathroom free from splashes and your floor free from puddles but in a much more sophisticated way. They are, essentially, a large glass panel that fits snugly between your wall and the edge of your bath, providing a stylish way to enclose your over-bath shower.

A more adult and stylish feature than a shower curtain, bath shower screens are also much easier to keep clean and bacteria free.

To read more on cleaning shower glass read our post on The Key to Clean Shower Glass.

What are the types of bath shower screens?

Depending on your bathroom decor and functionality needs, bath shower screens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some even come with handy extras such as a built-in towel rail.

Curved screen

This screen type can either feature a curved edge at the top, or the whole glass screen itself can be curved. Perfect for adding soft lines to your bathroom.

Folding screen

folding shower screens

Folding shower screens are perhaps one of the best screens for accessibility, especially if you're bathroom is on the small side.

Folding screens tend to have chrome profiles to join the panes of glass and come with multiple pane options. There are, however, options with just one or 2 small chrome hinges joining together 2 or 3 glass panels, if you're looking for a minimalist option.

One thing to consider when purchasing a folding bath shower screen is cleaning. With multiple joins, this provides plenty of places for moisture and bacteria to build up. If you're prepared to clean your shower screen after every use of the shower you should be ok but if you don't have the time to clean everyday then a standard square or curved shower screen might be a more suitable option.

Square screen

These are your standard screen options. Square shower screens bring a real modern feel to your bathroom. With straight geometric designs, they're perfect for pairing with other contemporary bathroom fittings.

Sliding Screen

Over bath screens not only need to look great but they also need to be practical too. A sliding screen is a great bath addition because, more often than not, one or more of the glass panels slides out the way to allow easy cleaning or easy entry to the bath and shower.

Much like folding bath shower screens, your cleaning routine should be considered when purchasing a sliding screen as again this design features small nooks and crannies. These areas will potentially encourage a build-up of moisture and bacteria if not cleaned regularly. If you're looking at one of these options, be prepared to pull on your rubber gloves more often.

Sail screen

Sail over-bath screens are another take on the simple curved or square screens. Sail screens have a modern shape to them which looks fantastic when paired with other contemporary bathroom fittings.

Things To Consider When Buying a Bath Shower Screen

things to consider when buying a shower screen

Shower screens are a popular choice, but if you’ve set your heart on having an over-bath screen there are also some other things you’ll need to take into account such as styling, fitting, space requirements and accessibility. 

Will it be fitted to the wall directly or do you require a solution that is mounted on the bath itself? Is there enough room to get into the bath safely with a screen fitted or will you need a folding or swinging screen for easier access?


While the styling of shower screens are all very similar, the small variations in design can have a significant impact on the room you install it in.

The main styles available include the most common square or rectangular screen, a curved top edge or a sail screen. A square or rectangular screen is what it says; all lines are straight, and the design is elegant and standard for the bathroom. This model of screen lends itself well to modern bathrooms where straight lines are prominent in other units. 

The curved screen has a top corner curved whereas the rectangular screen has a right angle. This minor alteration in the design of the screen means it’s much more suited to bathrooms with softer edges and curvaceous styling. It may well be the more suited screen to traditionally styled rooms, but by no means is it exclusive to this design. 

The final and most recent of all screen designs is called ‘sail’ due to the shape of the outer part of the screen being shaped like the sail of a boat. This is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of all the designs and it does certainly draw attention to itself. However, due to this, it may only be suited to a bolder looking bathroom design. 

Accessibility & Space

Shower screens will obviously vary in length to suit your requirements. If your bath is long or your shower is extremely strong, a wider screen will be beneficial to reduce water splash. However, if your bath is smaller or your shower doesn’t have a particularly large spray, you may be able to use a smaller screen. 

Most shower screens offer some type of maneuverability whether that’s the ability to swing on the hinge or completely fold it away. Screens that swing inwards or outwards make cleaning and accessibility much easier. However, you need sufficient space for the screen to swing, which isn’t always available. 

A folding screen doesn’t require any extra space as it folds into itself, making it fantastic for accessibility, but cleaning and looks may be slightly compromised.

How to Fit a Bath Shower Screen

What you’ll need:

  • Electric drill
  • Hammer
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Sealant gun
  • Spirit level
  • Standard screwdrivers
  • Tape measure

The Process

  1. Remove all of the packaging and check that you have all of the parts using the instructions provided. Plus, check nothing is damaged.
  2. Your wall channel - the metal bit that connects to the wall - should have pre-drilled screw holes. If not, you will need to add these yourself.
  3. Offer the channel up to the wall and mark the screw holes using a spirit level, to make sure everything is straight. Before drilling, make sure you check for wires and pipes with a multi-purpose detector.
  4. Drill the holes into the wall and add wall plugs.
  5. Screw the wall channel to the wall and then insert the bath screen.
  6. Drill 3 evenly spaced holes through both the wall channel and screen. Make sure you use the recommended drill bit size as stated in the manufacturer instructions.
  7. Screw the bath screen into the wall channel and cap the screws when done. The caps will be included in the packaging.
  8. Fit the screen seal to the bottom of the bath screen.
  9. Finally, finish the job with a bead of silicone sealant down the outside edge of the wall channel only - do not seal the inside part of the bath screen.

Please Note - If you are unsure about any part of the installation process, please contact a professional.

Tips for choosing the right bath shower screen

Your shower screen should be chosen based on your shower layout, the amount of space you have and your bathroom style.

When it comes to fitting your screen, taking the right measurements is essential. These will vary depending on your shower type.

You must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions in order for your screen to work properly.

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