How do Saniflo toilets work?

Saniflo upflush toilet in WC

Saniflo toilets can be a very practical addition to your home. But what makes them different to a normal toilet, how do they work and what are the benefits of installing one? In this article, we'll explain:

What is a Saniflo toilet?

A Saniflo toilet has an upflush toilet system. When you flush, a normal toilet uses gravity to push waste downwards into an outflow pipe. By contrast, a Saniflo upflush toilet sends waste to a built-in macerator at the back of the toilet. For this reason, these toilets are also known as macerator toilets.

How do Saniflo upflush toilets work?

  • When you flush the toilet, the water drains into the pump.
  • The water level rises, activating the macerator pump.
  • The macerator chops up the solid waste, churning it into a liquid.
  • The waste falls to the bottom of the case, where it is picked up by the impeller.
  • A pump then discharges the waste through a pipe and into your existing soil stack. The waste can be discharged through flexible pipes as narrow as 25mm, sometimes over hundreds of feet.
  • A non-return valve built into the unit stops any waste water from re-entering the pump when the system turns off.
Learn how a Saniflo toilet works in this video guide.

What are the benefits of a Saniflo toilet?

  • Can be installed almost anywhere – a macerator toilet can send waste in any direction with no drainage pipe required, regardless of the location of the main sewage pipe. This means it can be installed in places where an ordinary toilet cannot without the expense of extending your existing sewage system. Perfect if you want to install a toilet in a loft, cellar or garage conversion.
  • Compact design – the Saniflo macerator unit is easily concealed behind the wall or toilet thanks to its slimline design. This makes it ideal for small bathrooms and WCs.
  • Eco-friendly – a Saniflo system uses less water than a standard toilet because less water pressure is needed to push the waste through the pipe. This makes it better for the environment and your wallet.
  • Simple controls - Saniflo toilets are operated via a simple push button on the side.
  • Easy to install – Saniflo toilets are easy to install and can be installed by a regular plumber in 10-16 hours.
  • Long-lasting – Saniflo expect their toilets to last 10-15 years, having tested them for 50,000 cycles at a rate of 10 flushes per day. The macerators may need to be replaced every 2-3 years. If you’re having any issues with your Saniflo toilet, our troubleshooting guide may be able to help.
  • Improves property value – according to Money Mentor, adding an extra toilet can increase the value of your home by 2% or 3%. For this reason, a Saniflo toilet can be worth the investment, especially if you are unable to install an ordinary second toilet due to the layout of your home.
Saniflo Macerator Toilet

Where can I buy a Saniflo toilet or macerator?

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