Want a Little Power in Your Shower?

Most of us have experienced the joy of a power shower. Plenty of water, great pressure, and a sense of luxury. It is what we expect in hotels, but may not have access to in our own homes. Most of us take a shower every day, so why not spend a little more and invest in a shower which will make it easy to get up in the morning?

What is a power shower?


A power shower is designed for homes where the water pressure to the bathroom isn't as powerful as is necessary. If your shower does little more than dribble, then a power shower may be just what you need. Often it means that there is not enough of a drop from the water storage tank to where the shower is. The power shower will boost the flow of water from the water tank to your shower. Other than moving either the tank or the shower, getting a shower pump is really your only option if you want a decent shower.

How do they work?

Power showers can work in three different ways. Either the pump can be built-in with the mixer unit of the shower and is fitted to the shower wall, a pump is installed between the mixer and the shower head, or the pump is fitted between the water tank and the mixer.

The final option is by far the most versatile and can be used with a number of different shower types. The water comes from the water tank and is then boosted before it reaches the shower or the rest of the house. The pump can be used for any part of the house and so it is ideal for homes with more than one bathroom.

What should I bear in mind?

The type of boiler you have when installing a power shower is important. If you have a combination boiler, it will not be possible to use a pump. They require hot and cold feed from water tanks.

All power showers will need to be installed by a Part P qualified electrician as they require an electrical feed into a bathroom.

Water usage?


Your water usage is likely to increase if you have a power shower and in some cases, this can be by as much as three times. This may mean that your tank drains more quickly and a large tank is usually a good idea. It is recommended that your tank is at least 180 litres or more. For this reason, you also need to think about your shower tray depth, your drainage, and whether you will be standing in a pool of water at the bottom of your bath.

This water issue and the fact that you may need to heat your hot water storage tank more often, does mean having a power shower isn't very energy efficient. This is especially so if you have a water meter.

Buying the best pump you can and combining it with a great shower should mean that you are using the units to the best possible effect, getting more for your money, and saving water where possible.

How much is a power shower?


You can expect to pay anywhere between £100 and £900 for your power shower which will include a pump. However, the cheaper models will likely have the pump as part of the electrical unit which you attach to your wall.

It is possible to use other electric shower types with a separate pump. The combination in the price of buying these separately will depend on the shower unit you want to buy. However, the pump will cost from around £100 for one which works with a hot and cold feed. The more powerful the pump the more expensive it will be.

Clearly deciding to go for a power shower that is pumped is more complicated than simply getting a normal shower, but the results are worthwhile. You may decide to get the help of a plumber and an electrician, but despite the increase in price, a power shower is definitely worth spending your hard-earned money on. Nothing compares to a truly revitalising shower in the morning.

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