6 Tips for the Perfect Bath


After a stressful day of work, or if you're just having a bad day, it can be difficult to wind down and enjoy a bath. But sometimes that's exactly what you need - an hour away from the rest of the household, whether it be your family or other half, time to yourself is important so you can repair and restore.

Carry on reading if you are in need of some tips on how to improve your relaxing bath time...

1.Indulge in a fancy toiletry gift set

You may have a leftover gift set that you got for your birthday or Christmas, and this is the perfect time to indulge. If not, treat yourself to a fancy bathroom gift set as you deserve it. These could be fun bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts and many more! Let the colours and bubbles take you to a playful, positive mindset.

2. Leave your towel and bathrobe on a heated towel rail

There's nothing worse than getting out of a bath that has gone cold, to standing in the middle of the bathroom in an equally cold towel. Leaving your towels on a heated towel rail not only makes the journey of getting out the bath easier, but a fresh, soft towel wrapped around you is like a warm hug that you'll appreciate and thank yourself for. After drying yourself off, you can then sling on your fluffy bathrobe to stay warm!

3. Bath caddy

Bath caddies are great for securing a book or tablet to use while you relax. It doesn't matter if you're a reader or a watcher, you get to enjoy these hands-free and not have to worry about them getting wet. This time away can be used to catch up on your favourite TV show or latest book and put you into a different world for a short time. You can also use bath caddies for putting candles or decor on for a really cosy ambience.

If reading or watching in the bath isn't your thing, you could always play some calming music. Close your eyes and clear everything in your mind. Sometimes you may prefer to be in the moment though, so you could put on your favourite songs and sing along!

4. Invest in a bath pillow

A bath pillow is often overlooked when it comes to buying accessories for the bath. If you love to lie down in your bath to fully enjoy the hot water, a bath pillow will keep your neck in a comfortable position. You can find these in a variety of different materials, for example, luxury memory foam which will mould to the shape of your neck for the ultimate experience. These are usually secured in place with suction cups to make them non-slip and easy to remove.

5. Essential oils

If you love subtle smells but aren't a fan of bubbles, essential oils are an excellent choice for you. 5 - 10 drops in your bath is usually enough, depending on how strong you want the smell - lavender is a popular choice with people who struggle to sleep as the properties in it help to make you relaxed and sleepy.

Top tip: It is best to add essential oils half way through running your bath as this will help disperse the oil.

6. Exfoliating sponge

Although you shouldn't exfoliate your skin too often (doing so can damage your skin), treating yourself to an exfoliating sponge of your choosing to remove dead skin cells refreshes your skin. This should be done in soft circular motions with soap and then rinsed off. Shedding dead skin cells can make you feel like a brand new person!

Bonus After Care Tip: Moisturise

After exfoliating your body and to give your skin some TLC, follow up with a moisturiser. This will help to lock in moisture as hot water can dehydrate your skin slightly.


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