The 4 Most Amazing Showers in the World


Showering hasn’t always been part of ordinary daily life; although the concept is now part of our everyday routines, most homes were without this basic amenity until the mid 1960s in the USA and even later in the UK. Before showers became the norm, people took a bath. This is a good thing if you’ve got plenty of time of course but when you want to wake up fast or you’re in a rush, there’s nothing quite like an invigorating shower.

Of course, as showers became part of daily life, hotels and private home owners began to push the designs into the realms of the unusual, the luxurious and the downright crazy. Here are the 4 most amazing showers in the world.

Stained Glass in California

The Hubbell House in California is a historic and beautiful hotel on VanCleef Lake. Surrounded by beautiful woodland and steeped in fascinating history, it’s not only the exterior of the place that’s arresting.


One of the suites boasts a stunning shower with a ceiling like you’ve never seen before – at least not in a shower room! The domed, stained glass ceiling is stunning to look at and as the light changes throughout the day, casts magical shadows and reflections on the shower room as bathers enjoy their ablutions. Not only that but the walls are studded with shells and mosaic tiles to create a magical grotto which anyone would love to try out.

Ocean Panoramas aboard the Celebrity Reflection Cruise Ship

The shower in Penthouse Suite aboard the Celebrity Cruise Ship is not only far larger than the showers on most cruise liners but it’s also resplendent in plate glass windows.


Take a shower whilst enjoying the sight of the broad and uninterrupted ocean waves as you coast through the waters of wherever the ship takes you. This will be one shower that’s not only seriously luxurious but unforgettable.

Outdoor Luxury in Florida

Little Palm Island Resort in Florida is an incredible private island; only 5 acres in size, this tiny jewel in the Florida Keys is only accessible by boat or Seaplane and the accommodation is luxurious in the most rustic of styles.


Outdoor showers with bamboo screens are the best way to celebrate the balmy Florida weather; listen to the rustling palms as you enjoy a hot shower before a day spent idling on the quiet beaches. It doesn’t get much closer to a luxury desert island than this!

Cowboy Chic in Colorado

Turning a ghost town into a resort was a brilliant move and in the case of Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, it’s one that ensures the beauty of this spot in the mountains is never again forgotten. Though the town went bust in 1910, you’d never know that these days as the original wooden miner’s cabins have been turned into chic and luxurious accommodation for those who want to get away from it all. By night the resort looks akin to an illustration from a period novel with the rustic cabins lit up and the shadowy mountains providing a stunning backdrop.


Showering outdoors whilst enjoying the sight of the majestic Colorado Mountains is just one of the pleasures you will find here if you decide to stay in one of these amazing Little House on the Prairie style cabins.

Showering has certainly reached new levels of luxury and the interesting thing about many of the most luxurious is that they’ve stripped the experience back to basics and incorporated antiquated ways of providing the best experience – removing walls being one of the most effective!

Whether you’re the type who enjoys the fresh air on your skin as you bathe or someone who wants a roaring log fire while you wash there are more than enough amazing showers out there to tempt you!

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