The World's Most Expensive Bathrooms

How much did it cost you the last time you did up your bathroom? £1000? A roughly-average sum of about £5,000? A budget-busting £10,000? Even the highest of these figures wouldn’t get you anywhere near the amount that some of the world’s most extravagant homeowners spend when it comes to kitting out their loo.

Treehouse Bathroom

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse Bathroom Logo

Some of the most expensive and luxurious bathrooms in the world aren’t in private homes but in hotels. Anyone who is willing to fork out the rack rate for the hotel room can experience a unique treehouse bathroom experience at Lion Sands game reserve in South Africa. The treehouse bathroom sits high above the forest, and it’s not unusual to see giraffe and other large game wandering past as you brush your teeth. All of the walls of the bathroom are fully glazed so it’s perhaps just as well that the treehouse is secluded, with no other lodges in site. You can expect to pay around £800 a night for a stay.

Underwater Bathroom

Neptune and Poseidon Underwater Bathroom Logo

Everything is done to excess in Dubai, and bathrooms are no exception to the rule. For the most expensive bathroom in Dubai, you’d have to head below sea level to the undersea resort on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island. The Poseidon Suite sleeps up to five adults on three floors, and the bathroom has floor to ceiling windows allowing you to watch the fish swim among the artificial ruins as you shower. You’ll also have a butler on hand 24 hours a day if you need someone to scrub your back in the bath. But all this luxury does not come cheap, and you can expect to £15,775 per night below the sea. This rate does, however, include breakfast.

Sparkle and Bling

Sparkle and Bling Diamond Bath Logo

You can’t beat a bit of glitter in the bathroom and if money is no object you might like to consider installing a Diamond Bathtub from American designer Lori Gardner. The company takes a normal free standing bath and then covers it with thousands of Swarovski crystals. Each tub is custom made to order and you can choose from a huge colour range for the crystals. You can expect to pay around £40,000 for a bathtub to be made and installed in your bathroom. If that’s too much, the same designer sells a smaller baby bath costing around £5000. Rumour has it that Beyonce has one for Blue Ivy.

Rock Crystal Bath

Rock Crystal Bath Logo

The Ecclestone family of Formula One fame are not known for their frugal tastes, and Tamara hit the headlines when she bought a bathtub carved from one solid piece of rock crystal. The crystal originally came from the Amazon, and only three of the tubs were ever made. The exact price paid by Ms Ecclestone for her bath is unknown, but is estimated to be around the £800,000 mark (over £1 million when the costs of strengthening the floor and the retrieval of the rock crystal are added in). Overall, her London mansion is worth around £70 million.

Out Of This World Toilet

The world’s most expensive loo isn’t even on the surface of the planet. It’s the space loo which was installed on the International Space Station orbiting the earth, which in development and manufacturing costs is estimated to have cost around £15 million. Unlike your normal loo, a space toilet comes complete with leg braces to hold the astronauts in place as they get on with business, and special suction fans which suck the waste into holding tanks. Cutting edge technology helps solve the problem with accessing fresh water in space, as it takes liquid waste, extracts the water and purifies it to help provide drinking water for the Space Station crew.

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