Shy Bladder? Plumbworld Launches the Privi-Pee Cape

using a urinal

Men: we’ve all been in that situation where you’re out having a drink or a meal with friends and you need to pop to the toilet. Public toilets can be hit and miss at the best of times, leaving most people longing for surroundings of their own bathroom suite, toilet, or ensuite, especially when it’s in a place where a lot of alcohol consumption goes on, but the worst thing is walking through that door only to be confronted by a busy urinal space.

What do you do? Do you stand shoulder to shoulder with the man next to you? You could go into a cubicle, but what do you do if those are taken too? Do you stand there looking a bit awkward while you wait for your preferred urinal to free up? Or do you bite the bullet and just use one anyway? But don’t forget about urinal etiquette, a sort of unwritten rule when it comes to male bathrooms.

We’ve come to think of urinal etiquette as somewhat of a science here at Plumbworld. A couple of years back we even published a lengthy article that covered just where you should stand at the urinal. The common rule is to leave a gap of one urinal between two people, or if it’s trough urinal, a gap big enough that you’re not touching shoulders with the man next to you.

Getting Stage Fright


But why does it matter? There’s a thing that we like to call ‘stage fright’. Picture this: the urinal area is busy but you spot a gap and you decide to use it, even though using it will break the urinal etiquette rules. You unzip and expect the magic to happen, but nothing does. You stare intently at the wall until, eventually, it starts to trickle. This happens because we are aware of the people standing nearby and there’s a pressure on you to get the job done as quickly as possible. This feeling may also be expedited by having a private part of our body on display. Our body simply decides not to cooperate.

You may be thinking that we’re reading far too much into this, but statistics show that this is a very real phenomenon. We recently carried out a survey that paints a picture of Brits being a bit embarrassed by our bodily functions and even modest about showing our private parts. When we asked a selection of the male population about their urinal habits, 75% of the respondents said they would rather do their business in a cubicle than use a urinal if someone is already at the adjacent urinal. 30% admitted to getting ‘stage fright’ when trying to unleash next to someone while only 25% were confident to unzip and use the urinal anyway.

But what about the majority of the 75%? What can they do to combat their fear? We think we’ve come up with a solution.

Become a Public Bathroom Superhero


Introducing the Privi-Pee! An ingenious solution to make urinal ‘stage fright’ a thing of the past!

The Privi-Pee is a cape that you can wear when you enter public bathrooms. It’s designed to help you cover your modesty and let you pee without worry. We took the cape out in public to illustrate a step-by-step guide on how it works.


Here’s a situation that most men are familiar with. Our chosen test subject has entered a public toilet and has come across two men observing the rules of urinal etiquette. Normally he’d wait for one to free up or give in and pop into a toilet cubicle (providing one is free), but this man is clever and has brought the Privi-Pee with him!


Here it is in all its glory! The cape is easy to fasten just underneath your neck, and it’s big enough to reach right down to the floor. It’s also portable, easily folding up and fitting inside the backpack that our test subject was carrying. Notice the sucker pads halfway down the Prvi-Pee? We’ll explain what those are in a moment.


Our keen test subject now confidently steps up to the empty urinal, all thoughts of ‘stage fright’ about to be eliminated. He makes sure the dark cape wraps neatly around him, covering both sides of his body. The next step is to ensure that he is completely covered.


To cover the entirety of his body so he can pee in peace, here’s where the sucker pads come into action. He simply attaches a sucker pad from each side of the cape to the wall to create a handy shield. Now he can pee without getting ‘stage fright’!


Here is our test subject posing for a photo in the cape. We’ve got to say that he looks like quite a fashionable chap, so maybe this cape will also catch on as a fashion accessory? It’s a trendsetter!

So, what do you think of the Privi-Pee? A genius solution to a common problem or completely loony? We’d love your feedback!

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