Design Inspiration: Waterfall Taps


Whether you’re updating your bathroom or installing an entirely new suite, small details can make a big difference, and none more so than taps.

Among the most stylish details, you can have for a modern bathroom are waterfall and mixer taps. Waterfall taps add a true touch of glamour thanks to their eye-catching design, easily creating a spectacular focal point in your bathroom.

Suitable for both basins or baths, depending on their fitting, these taps are incredibly popular. So, Plumbworld has made this design-focused buying guide to discuss how waterfall taps can fit with the look and feel of your bathroom. We’ll also explain how they work and how usable they are.

Read on to find out more about mixer waterfall taps and how they can transform your bathroom…

What are waterfall taps?

Waterfall taps are a type of mixer tap which offer a minimalistic, luxurious and an artistic touch to every bathroom. 

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Extremely stylish, this evolution of the tap sees water cascade from a single, open-top spout, unlike other mixer taps, to look like a waterfall. Waterfall taps come in a range of widths and sizes and are often controlled by a single, easy-to-use handle.

How do waterfall taps work?

Unlike traditional taps, which have two spouts for hot and cold water, mixer taps combine the two for a more controlled temperature - like a mixer shower

While modern mixer taps combine the two water feeds for a more controlled temperature, waterfall taps go a step further. They use an open spout to create an elegant cascade of water rather than a controlled stream.

Do waterfall taps use more water?

Waterfall taps feature a spout mechanism that works to control, not only the temperature, but the amount of flow that the tap produces, too. 

Mixer taps are often fitted with flow regulators and, due to the control of water temperature, use less hot water - which could save you money. These taps shouldn’t result in you using more water, but it’s best to check the pressure required.

Do waterfall taps fill baths slower?


How fast your bath fills depends on your water pressure - switching from two taps to one mixer doesn’t mean a bath will fill slowly. 

Waterfall mixer taps regulate temperature and flow, helping to provide a consistent flow. With an optimum temperature in your mixer tap, you can leave the bath to fill in confidence.

Why are waterfall taps popular?

Just like free-standing baths and concealed mixer showers, waterfall taps are a stunning centrepiece of every bathroom.

As these beautiful fixtures are small, even the smallest of bathrooms can include a touch of luxury. Unlike certain showers and baths, taps are accessible to the majority of homes and budgets - even for cloakroom bathrooms.

The majority of taps tend to be similar to one another, but this is where waterfall taps are different. Because of the open spout, they immediately catch your eye and look particularly stylish in a contemporary space.

Chrome will always be the go-to choice for most taps, but matte black waterfall taps can create a truly luxurious statement feature.

Which waterfall taps can I buy at Plumbworld?

We have an extensive range of waterfall taps at Plumbworld in chrome and matt black finishes to meet all requirements.

Taps for basins, baths, and wall-mounted, you can choose from them all and we’ve discussed them below...

Chrome Waterfall Taps

As the go-to finish for the majority of bathroom taps, chrome fits in easily with a wide range of decors, especially contemporary designs.

To really make the most of your chrome waterfall taps, a modern basin - wall-hung or counter top - is the ideal pairing. You should always try to match the design of your basin with your waterfall taps. An angular basin is best with more square taps while a curved counter top basin is perfect with curved waterfall taps.

Tip: High-rise waterfall taps will be best for some counter top basins, depending on the size of the basin. 

Black Waterfall Taps

Black taps are the most popular fixture for the black bathroom trend, and waterfall taps are the most glamorous.

Whether you’re after black bathroom taps for your basin or bath, waterfall taps are available for both. For your basin, most waterfall taps and wall-mounted are extremely striking. Wall-mounted taps hide everything behind the wall, so you only see the spout, for an ultra-stylish look with all types of basins.

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Waterfall black taps, such as models from Architeckt, are a great option to have. These taps are simply beautiful and extremely functional. You can position them at either end or in the middle of your bathtub. These waterfall taps are already eye-catching, a black finish takes them up a level and makes your bathroom on-trend.

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