What Does a Typical Morning Routine Look Like?

Everyone has their own morning routine. Whether that’s waking up and showering, getting the kids up and ready, exercising, or literally any other task, we all have our routines, some of us with stricter routines than others….

Are there tasks that we all do in the morning or tasks that some of us don’t bother with? Do you shower in the morning? Is checking your phone, or a morning workout more important?

In a recent survey, we asked our customers what their morning routine involves, and some of the answers were particularly revealing.


Tea or coffee? Whichever your preference, is making a cuppa or a coffee one of the first things you do in the morning? Making tea or coffee was up there with a massive 68% of people saying this was part of their morning routine. And why wouldn’t it be? Most of us need a good old caffeine kick to get the day started, don’t we? Also, if you're fed up of waiting for your kettle to boil why not invest in an instant boiling water tap?


Are you on a health kick? Have you stuck to your morning P.E. with Joe Wicks routine, or did that go out of the window when lockdown ended? With only 13% of our survey takers saying exercise was part of their morning routine, does everyone else exercise later in the day or not at all?

Now if you live in London our survey has shown you are more likely to exercise in the morning, with 22% of Londoners saying they prioritise a morning workout. Out of the 14% of people who said they have a good old stretch in the morning, 20% were also from London.

Morning Wash

Whether you enjoy a bath, shower, or a quick wash over the basin, this could play a massive part in whether you have a morning scrub at all. Let’s face it, not all of us have time for these things in the morning.

42% of people however, did state they have a morning shower. The south east has been found to be the place where most people have a morning wash, with a staggering 51% of people enjoying a revitalising shower or pampering bath.

Technology Fix

Overall, only 47% of people admitted checking their phone was part of their morning routine. Wonder if, or when the other 53% of people check their phones?

Our survey showed that the 45–54-year-old age group, however, makes up a staggering 55% of people who check their phones as part of their morning routine, but only 45% of 18–34-year-olds check their phones when they wake up.

Having a Cwtch

We all need a comforting cuddle sometimes and it seems most people include this as part of their morning routine. 31% of people told us they enjoyed a cuddle with either their partner, children, or pets as part of their morning routine. A morning cuddle is sure to boost your serotonin, surely?

As a nation of pet lovers, we sometimes enjoy a snuggle with our pets and our survey revealed 16% of people enjoy this as part of their morning routine. It seems if you live in Scotland, you’re more likely to have a morning cuddle with your pet as a massive 20% of respondents were from this region.

It also seems people are more likely to enjoy a morning cuddle with their pets than their children! With only 5% of respondents admitting to enjoying a snuggle with their children in the morning.

Fresh Air

Is a breath of fresh air part of your morning routine? This could depend on where you live, and if you are truly surrounded by actual fresh air.

14% of respondents said they enjoyed getting fresh air as part of their morning routine, and 25% of these responses were from residents of Northern Ireland. Does this suggest Northern Ireland is one of the more active places in the UK?

Transport Times and Traffic Jams

Whether you walk, drive, or take the train to work we know there’s always the chance of a delay of some sort. But how many people actually check train times or traffic conditions before setting foot out of the front door?

Our survey showed only 7% of people check transport in the morning with 18% of results from those in London and only 1% from Wales. Do the majority of us spend more time having a wash in the morning, leaving us with no time to check the traffic levels, we wonder?


Now we all know the British weather is never reliable. One minute we’re out in the garden sunbathing and the next we’ve got flash floods. But do people’s morning routines revolve around checking the weather for the day?

Our research showed 42% of people do check the weather before heading out in the morning of which 48% of people were over the age of 65. Do younger generations care less about packing an umbrella or slathering on the sun cream, or perhaps they’re prepared for all weather conditions?

Out of the 2,008 people who took part in our survey, 4% also admitted to doing other things in the morning such as taking prescribed medication, feeding their pets and one person even sets time aside for farting. Each to their own ay!

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