Which Bathroom Habits Get on Your Nerves?

Living with someone who has annoying bathroom habits can sometimes put you at the end of your tether, but which habits annoy Plumbworld customers the most?

In a recent survey, we found out which bathroom habits get your goat. While some, like leaving wet towels on the floor aren’t too bad we were utterly shocked by others.

Keep reading to find out the statistics of some particularly grim bathroom habits.

Not replacing empty toilet rolls

Starting off with potentially one of the most irritating bathroom gripes. Not replacing the toilet roll. Coming out on top of our survey as the most annoying bathroom habit with 26% of respondents stating it just wasn’t acceptable leaving an empty toilet roll.

Our results showed Yorkshire & Humber residents find this bathroom habit the most irritating with 30% of respondents admitting this habit infuriates them.

Not washing hands after using the bathroom

Now this is the one we found most shocking! Only 7% of respondents said they found people not washing their hands after using the bathroom disturbing. According to Banner Health, there can be as many as 50 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat, while this isn’t as much as other items such as a mobile phone or even a kitchen chopping board it’s still enough to make us want to wash our hands!

It might not be a surprise that more women than men find this dirty habit enraging with only 5% of men admitting to the habit annoying them but it annoying 9% of female respondents.

Leaving toothpaste & soap stains

How difficult is it to give the sink a quick swill after you clean your teeth or wash your hands? Not very. So why do so many people leave toothpaste and soap stains? It’s not surprising that 16% of respondents find this habit truly irritating.

Interestingly, 24% of those who live with their partner or significant other find it irritating while only 20% of those who live with their husband or wife are enraged by this habit.

Spending too much time in the bathroom

How much time is too much time? For one person a 5-minute shower might seem like an eternity, but others might find a 30-minute soak acceptable. Our survey revealed that 12% of people are irritated by someone else spending too much time in the bathroom.

Those who live with their family are more likely to be irritated by a long wait for the bathroom with 19% of people living with their family finding this habit annoying by only 14% of people living with their spouse find this irritating. Does this suggest it may be more difficult to get into the bathroom in a family household than in a bathroom you share solely with your spouse?

Not cleaning up after a shower

Not only can not cleaning up after a shower be unhygienic and cause dampness but it can also be downright irritating. Our survey revealed that 15% of people find it shocking when people don’t rinse the shower or bath out after use, while 12% also hate it when the mirror or shower screen isn’t wiped down either!

Leaving wet towels on the floor

Now we’re all in a rush sometimes but it only takes a second to hang up your damp towel, right? 13% of our survey respondents find it annoying when members of their household leave wet towels lying around in the bathroom.

While only 14% of those who live with their spouse find this irritating a massive 21% of people who live with their families say this gets on their nerves. Does this suggest the more people you have in the house the more likely you are to find wet towels lying around? Why not hook them over a heated towel rail?

Water, water everywhere

Whether it’s splashing water around while washing hands or leaving the bathroom flooded after a shower when combined 20% of respondents find these habits highly irritating. Yes, it’s the bathroom but maybe contain the water to the basin and the shower or bath next time!

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