Where Did Iconic People Have Their Eureka Moment?

Have you ever noticed that some of our best ideas can occur to use when we’re enjoying a shower? Well, for some of us anyway, as the rest of us are probably far too busy singing an ear-splitting version of our favourite song. Buffer has explained why we tend to have our best ideas in the shower. This idea has become so prevalent that there is even a product called Aqua Notes that allows you to make notes in the shower.

Whether you’re taking a shower or having a bath, ideas can freely flow. We all know the story of Archimedes and the famous “Eureka!” moment he had when he climbed into a bath. But while it’s not just in the bathroom where the best ideas are formed, it does tend to happen when people are currently engaged in another activity. Sitting down to think of an idea can be counterproductive as you can find that your brain just won’t cooperate. Instead, get on with your life and the best ideas may come naturally. This is why advice constantly stresses the need to take a break and do something else when faced with a particularly difficult situation. You’ll find that the distraction will help the solution to your problem come naturally.

For evidence of this, all we need to do is to look at how some of the best ideas ever formed were developed. In our infographic below we’ve taken a look at how a number of iconic people came up with ideas that would go on to make a huge impact on our world.

Where Did Iconic People Have Their Eureka Moment Infographic

Ollie Lyon

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