The Strangest Bathroom Related Searches

Where do you turn when you want to ask a question you might be too embarrassed to ask your friends and family - Google, of course!

Here at Plumbworld, we are keen to find out what people really want to know about bathrooms. So, we had a trawl through some search engine queries to find some of the issues bathroom users have been having that you probably won’t see on many other bathroom blogs!

For example, how does a frog get into your bathroom? Why does your cat lick you after a shower? And, most importantly for smartphone addicts, can you shower with an iPhone?!

Take a look at our full findings in our infographic - and read on at the bottom of the page to find out the answers to the strangest bathroom related searches!

Strange Bathroom Related Searches - The Answers

See something you want to know more about? Find the query that spikes your curiosity to find out more…

Unwanted Bathroom Invaders...

What our research has shown us is that so many people are plagued by unwanted visitors in their bathrooms - creepy crawlies and bugs like ants, moths and even bees seem to be a huge nuisance. 

What causes woodlice in the bathroom?

This is one of the most common bathroom bug problems searched for. While they are perfectly welcome in your garden, they are probably less so in your bathroom!

Woodlice love damp environments, which is probably why they have a preference for bathrooms. They feed on mould and decomposing wood and leaves, so if your bathroom is suffering from dampness, this may be why woodlice have found their way in.

However, these friendly little bugs would much rather be outside, so what causes them to find their way in? It’s most likely they have accidentally wandered in through vents or broken sealants, usually on the ground floor. 

Solution: Be sure to keep your bathroom nice and dry with proper ventilation and keep your sealant in top condition. 

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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in the Bathroom

Those of you with shiny, well-ventilated bathrooms might be thinking, “How on earth do you get mushrooms growing in your bathroom?!”

Mushrooms in your bathroom are no laughing matter. Mould and fungus growth are a sign of damp and low ventilation that can severely impact the value of your property. They can also harm your health: you are more likely to suffer from respiratory infections, asthma and allergies if you live in a property with damp and mould issues.

Solution: To get rid of mushrooms in your bathroom, you will need to arm yourself with some rubber gloves and pick them out of the offending area. Next, you will need to kill the spores with bleach or fungicide. You then need to address your humidity issue - make sure you have a ventilation fan and plenty of bathroom lighting to  ensure they don’t return. 

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Why Are There Bees in my Bathroom?

Bees and wasps getting into your bathroom is unpleasant, but so is the fact that 40 people every month are looking for an answer to this problem!

The biggest concern here is that you might have bees in your bathroom as a result of a beehive. They can get into pipes and vents, making their way into your bathroom when they are attracted by the light.

Solution: Never try to remove a bee nest from your bathroom or anywhere else by yourself. They need handling with care as they can swarm, plus they are very valuable to the environment. Their numbers usually reduce in the autumn and winter, though you should still call out a bee removal expert to make sure the problem is dealt with.

How did a Frog Get in my Bathroom?

We were quite surprised to hear that an average of 10 people a month reported finding a frog in their bathroom!

These poor little fellas probably fell into your drain and climbed up into your toilet basin in an attempt to find their way home. 

Solution: Finding a frog in your bathroom isn’t a cause for concern or a reason to panic. However, since frogs need moisture to survive, it is important that your return them to a suitable environment outside - a pond, stream or under a damp shady bush will do. If it happens regularly, you might have a crack in a pipe somewhere.

Curious Cats

It’s clear that our feline friends’ bathroom behaviour is a true enigma to us humans. There are hundreds of searches every month by owners confused about their cat’s curiosity.

And, on the other paw, it seems cats are just as fascinated by our bathrooms! An average of 140 people a month want to know why their cats follow them to the bathroom and the honest answer is - no one really knows. Some think they do it for attention, others claim it’s to keep track of their territory.

What do we think? Well, from experience, every cat owner knows as soon as you try and stop a cat doing something they will make it their mission to defy you!

There are also other fun things for cats to do in there, which our searches reveal. Drinking out the shower and curling up in the bathroom sink are two of the most queried activities. Whether they are joining in with your grooming rituals or are looking for a cool spot to sleep, the truth is we will probably never understand why our cats love bathrooms so much. 

Questionable Hygiene Practices

Hygiene is something of a personal matter, which is probably why so many people prefer the anonymity of the internet to find their advice they need.

Check out some of these questionable hygiene practices we came across...

Should you Wash Your Hands After Going to the Bathroom?

To be honest, we are shocked that this even has to be asked once - let alone an average of 70 times a month!

Regardless, the largest study into post-bathroom hand washing revealed a huge 62% of men do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, followed by 40% of women. 

Despite this reluctance, it is highly advised by health experts that you wash your hands thoroughly after every bathroom visit. This is because not doing so drastically increases the spread of disease-causing germs - so it’s worth the extra 30 seconds!

Can You Bath in Dettol and Laundry Detergent

We love a bubble bath, but a dettol bath?! Apparently they do exist! We’ve done the search ourselves and found that people bathing in Dettol and even laundry detergent is a thing.

If you do fancy trying it yourself, make sure you never use either Dettol or Laundry detergent neat on your skin. Dettol diluted in water has been used for hospital patients in baths before, but today there is more concern about us being too clean, which could potentially weaken our immune systems.

As for laundry detergent, some people do use it in lieu of shower gel and bubble bath - but the general consensus is that soap designed for skin is your best choice.

What Would Happen if you NEVER showered?

If you thought not washing your hands was unhygienic, how about never showering at all?

How many times you should shower a week is often debated - some claim you need to keep hold of some of the oil and bacteria on your skin. Others insist that a daily shower is a must.

However, if you never showered you would run into a few serious issues. Not only body odour, but you would also become very itchy, prone to inflammation, fungus and even at a higher risk of catching diseases from all those germs you would be carrying around with you.

We found this great video to tell you more…

One for the Technophiles

We knew that people are pretty much obsessed with their tech gadgets these days, but showering and bathing with them? Apparently there are plenty of people who haven’t quite managed to draw the line here.

We were slightly shocked to find out that there are 90 searches a month from people wanting to know whether they can shower with their iPhone X. Apparently the devices do have an IP rating of IP67 which, as we know from our bathroom IP zones, makes it immersion proof. However, Apple have advised that you don’t actually shower with it as the heat and soaps could still damage it.

As for taking a laptop into the bath, we are very concerned about the 20 people a month searching for this! The idea of having a long soak while you binge on Netflix does sound good - but if your plugged-in device were to drop into the water, you really could be electrocuted.

What do we think? Maybe we should draw the line on taking our tech to the bathroom with us!

How the Other Half Live

Finally, it seems we have some curiosity around the bathrooms of those living the highlife.

Kim Kardashian’s bathroom became an internet sensation after fans got a peek at it in a Vogue video. What caused all the attention? Well, in place of a basic sink, the megastar’s taps seemed to dispense onto a flat slab of marble - though there is, of course, a slight dip toward the drain.

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