22 Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas


Are you struggling to think of ideas for your loved ones, or, want some extra stocking fillers to brighten their day? We're here to help as Christmas shouldn't have to be stressful when it comes to buying presents. We've put together a list of bathroom related gift ideas to help you this Christmas!

1. Bath bombs

For all those bath lovers out there, you can't beat a fun bath bomb full of colour. There are a variety of shapes, colours, scents and much more you can choose from. As well as bath bombs, you could also get bubble bars, bath melts, bath oils and bath fizzers. All these choices make for a relaxing and enjoyable bath!


2. Bath caddy or shower caddy

A bath caddie is a great addition to any type of bath. A white one is always the safe option to choose, but you can easily check what their bathroom aesthetic is to make sure it matches. These can be used to hold drinks, candles, tablets, books - anything you really need for a bath!

Shower caddies can be attached in your showering area easily. They can be hooked over the shower door, hooked over the shower valve, or, attached to your wall either by drilling or using adhesive. They'll never have to bend down to reach their shower gel again.


3. Bathroom art/decor

The most common bathroom art pieces seen from our customer photos are 'wash your hands you filthy animal' which is relevant more than ever now, and 'get naked' if you want to be a bit more vocal. These could be big signs on your wall, or in a cute photo frame next to your basin or bath.

Adding decor to the bathroom helps it feel a bit more homey, so you could get a small figurine/statue, for example, an angel, a duck, a mermaid or something sparkly.


4. Candles

One of the easiest presents to buy is a candle. If you know what scents they love, you could get a candle or a diffuser in that smell. Or, get them a completely different scent which may end up being their new favourite. Lavender is a popular one to have in the bathroom due to its relaxing properties and it also helps you sleep!


5. Toiletry gift set

This could include (but not limited to) shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts and a loofah. This kind of gift set is popular during Secret Santa because you might not have any idea what to get the person. This pick isn't a bad thing as these will be used up in no time. But, if you know they like a particular brand or scent, they're going to love it even more.


6. Plants

Breathe some life into your friends of families bathroom with a bright, green plant. Some specific plants thrive in the bathroom atmosphere. Who doesn't love a good plant in their bathroom?!

Another idea would be a hanging terrarium, these are super cute and come in different shapes and sizes. Anyone who isn't the best at looking after plants will struggle to kill one of these!


7. A book

This could be a physical book or an eBook if they love to read on a tablet. Getting into an imaginative story can help you get away from the world for just a little bit. Find out their favourite genre and tell them to take some 'me time' with a relaxing bath and escape into a good read.


8. Skincare

Although skincare can be a tricky one, you may know their top favourite products that they use in their morning or evening routine in front of the mirror. You can simply replace a product they are constantly running out of, or, if you know their skin-type, you could introduce them into sometime new - just make sure you do your research on the products first!


9. Make-up

Following off of skincare, makeup is one of the top stocking fillers. It could be something as simple as nail varnish, an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, blush, the list goes on!


10. Bathroom towel set

Whether they've just moved into a new place, or maybe they're in need of fresh new towels, a matching towel set does wonders to the aesthetic of a bathroom. Either hung on a heated towel rail to keep them warm or on a robe hook on the back of the door, these look great in a colour scheme! Choose from a bath mat, hand towel, bath towel and a face cloth/flannel - different companies will have variations of these sets.


11. Bath pillow

A bath pillow just adds that little extra luxury comfort to your bath. They support your neck, let you fully soak in the bath without slipping and come in a variety of different materials, like memory foam.


12. A bottle of their favourite drink

This could be a nice bottle of wine (18+), or their favourite soft drink that they can enjoy in the bath. There's something about having a refreshing drink whilst you lie back and relaxing in a bubble bath, that makes the experience even better.
Always drink responsibly.


13. Personalised bottles

Personalised shampoo/conditioner/body wash/soap bottles are aesthetically pleasing in a bathroom and come in a range of different colours and styles. Bathroom products can simply be decanted into these bottles so that the colour scheme of the room can be kept in order as well as looking like a 5* retreat.


14. Grooming kit

Don't think this is just for men, women love new tools too! These could be nail clippers, scissors, an epilator, a razor, shaving cream, beard oil etc. Grooming sets can easily be found on websites that have a toiletries section, or can be purchased separately (sometimes 3 for 2).


15. Waterproof bluetooth speaker

All music lovers need one of these. No longer will they be listening to music on their phone or singing to themselves, with a waterproof bluetooth speaker, you can turn up the tunes and not worry about it getting damaged.


16. Electric toothbrush

Has their toothbrush seen better days? Gift them with a brand new one - they come in a variety of colours and full of technology. If they have a relatively new electric toothbrush, you can always give them a set of replacement heads!


17. LED toilet light

Liven up their toilet with an LED light. These sit under the rim of the toilet seat and only light up in the dark when the sensor goes off. This is a fun gift and even better if they have kids - who isn't amused by a toilet changing colour?!


18. Poo-pourri

Everyone should have this magical stuff in their bathroom. You spray it in the toilet before you sit down and it disguises the smell so no one will need to know you are doing your business.


19. Toiletry bag

A toiletry bag can be gifted on it's own, or can be paired with things like skincare and makeup - a present within a present if you will. When it comes to design, the possibilities are endless, as are the different sizes they come in.


20. Hair towel

For anyone with long hair, a specific hair towel (otherwise known as a towel wrap or turban towel) is best to use rather than a regular towel. This is because they are designed to keep your hair healthy and reduce the drying time. Hair towels are made from different materials like microfibre, satin and bamboo, so the quality will contribute to price as well.


21. Humour toilet roll

Not only can this toilet paper be used, but you will also get a few laughs out of it too! Make going to the toilet more enjoyable with a humorous present that will hang on your toilet roll holder.


22. Bathroom gift hamper

If your family or friend loves spending time in the bathroom, a gift hamper may be the best choice. This can include a variety of products including anything from this list and their favourite snack. Fill with some coloured tissue paper, cellophane and a bow to make it look fancy and you've got yourself a lovely looking bathroom hamper present!


Hopefully we've helped you find some extra gift ideas to top up the stockings and put a smile on your loved ones face this Christmas. Stay safe and happy Christmas!

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